Exercise Ball for Fitness

Exercise Ball for Fitness

The exercises with the ball, both as a therapeutic exercise and diet, performed at least three times a week. Regular practice of this form of exercise, as, indeed, and all the others, is very important. But it is precisely with this problem and is not expected - the ball will not let you forget about it. Bright and such childish fun ball short and invitingly be tempting to stand in the corner - and will want it just to be able to sit down!

Nonsense, you say? And here and there! It is almost a full-fledged exercise ball for fitness. After all, even just to sit up straight on the ball and keep the balance - this is a job for many muscle groups! This instability of the ball surface makes this unique type of fitness - it increases the load, develops coordination and coached by the vestibular apparatus. There are two kinds of exercises with a fitness ball complexes:

  • functional training with medbolom (medical ball);
  • fitness with fitball (big ball).

It is considered the first set rather aimed at the power load, while the second-most positioned as the ball exercises for weight loss.

Training with medbolom resembles a regular workout with a load in the form of a ball and good in quality of the famous gym. In fact, it's the same slopes, swings his arms, legs, and other well-known exercise, but performed with the ball. The obvious advantage medbola - is its size: for the ball does not need much space, it's easy to carry wherever you go.

But we are still more interested in the other kind of sets of exercises with a ball for fitness. Perform squats and slopes can be just as well and with a lot, but a light ball and bright elegant ball in the corner of the room just lift your spirits!

Before you perform the exercises with a large ball, make sure it fits you in size on the packaging table. There is indicated and the maximum diameter of the ball. Just do not inflate it more than the specified size by the manufacturer to avoid a gap in the middle fitball exercise on big ball.

The complex with a fitness ball exercises

A good system for training with fitball should begin with a warm-up and include exercises with the ball and on the ball for the abdomen, hips, back and legs. It's easy, because due to the springiness and instability of any exercise with fitball aims to balance retention and, therefore, engages a broad group of muscles.

So, a few exercises on the ball for the press and buttocks:

  • In a prone position on a fitball, resting his hands on the floor, lift the top leg bent at the knee. Perform each exercise for each leg 10 times.
  • feet rest against the floor and put your hands up, trying to keep his balance as long as possible.
  • In a prone position on a fitball, resting his hands on the floor, lift up both legs bent at the knee. Perform each exercise 10 times. Try the rolls back and forth, left and right, making sure balance.
  • In the sitting position on fitball, rest legs bent at the knees to the floor, and lean his hands on the back fitball. Lower and lift the leg 10 to 20 times. Change the pace.
  • In the same position, bending the leg, lift it to his chest and lower. Do this exercise with each leg 10 times.

A lot of exercises on the ball for the press is a simple adaptation of the well-known exercise is to this kind of training. For example, lying on his back fitball and resting his feet on the floor, you can raise your upper body. The same principle is carried out such an exercise, but lying on her stomach.

For training the abdominal muscles enough side to kneel on the side of the ball, rely on it to its side, placing his hand on fitball, and do side bends.

Very effective group exercise with the ball to feet

Exercise Ball for Fitness

Lying on his back and holding feet fitball, lift it up at first only by straightening the knees, and then straightened legs. Follow the rapids with the ball. Sit on the floor and holding fitball knees between the legs or feet, try to pick it up and hold the position as long as possible. And one of the most effective exercises with a ball for fitness - it's passing the ball from the feet to the hands and vice versa.

There are plenty of ready-made sets of exercises with a ball for fitness for a different level of initial training, of varying intensity and direction. There are specially designed training, even for pregnant women and babies. Choose what you like and cheerful, bright ball will give you lose form and vitality.

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