Bodyflex: contraindications

Bodyflex: contraindications

Body flex - it's a great method of breathing exercises coupled with stretching exercises that are designed to restore harmony and beauty to any woman. Author techniques Greer Childress personally lost weight by 5 sizes in 3 months! But, as with any weight loss method in Bodyflex has its contraindications.

Contraindications for classes Bodyflex

Bodyflex has its pros and cons, along with other weight loss techniques. Contraindications of this method of weight loss is not too much, but they should be considered to Bodyflex not bring harm.

  1. Bodyflex and pregnancy are not compatible! Remember, if you are expecting a child, he needs constant access of oxygen, and 10-second breath hold can play with your body a cruel joke. But after giving birth Bodyflex is not harmful, and you can quickly bring the body back in order.
  2. The postoperative period. If you have had any kind of surgery, you will have to wait for as long as the doctor says, before practicing technique.
  3. Thyroid disease. In this case, your health will deteriorate during classes and after them. Do Bodyflex Harmful? In this case - not useful.
  4. Bleeding Any kind of bleeding -. It is a reason not to engage in Bodyflex.
  5. . Increased intracranial pressure Bodyflex bears and harms and benefits: lose weight, you certainly can, but you can start to feel dizzy, will arise preunconscious conditions during employment. That is why the pressure is included in the list of contraindications.
  6. Glaucoma. People who suffer from this disease, you should not even try Bodyflex.
  7. Any chronic disease. In some cases, after consultation with the attending physician employment opportunities. However Bodyflex - system, which is important to follow a very long time, so that the body has not regained the lost weight, but in this case, some point to continue employment may not be possible.
  8. The recent serious injury. If you've got a serious injury, but feel normal, still not worth the risk. It will take from one to several months depending on the nature of the injury. Consult with your doctor.
  9. Asthma. Of course, with such a disease different kinds of breathing exercises is not necessary to carry out, even if you do not have the most severe form.

In all other cases, you can safely engage in Bodyflex. Do not forget that the system requires consistency: if you decide to do, is engaged on a daily basis: in days 1440 minutes, and 15 of them is always possible to allocate its health and beauty.

cons Bodyflex

Even the author of Greer Childress system does not hide that Bodyflex - not a system for all. If you are still in doubt, deal with it or not, vote cons:

  • Bodyflex - system, which should be followed for life. If you lose weight and quit the body
    Bodyflex: contraindications
    returns its volume is more than in the short term;
  • Bodyflex assumes power, which does not lead to weight gain - namely, the right food. If you do not practice, the results will not be as bright;
  • Bodyflex slimming legs is very effective, and if your body type - "pear", then you made the right choice. But if you - "apple", it is worth considering that the press Bodyflex effect very slowly. There are other breathing exercises, for example, oksisayz, which are much more effective for this area;
  • if you are doing sports for a long time, Bodyflex will not help, because you - a modified metabolism.

If you do not confuse the system disadvantages, and you do not have contraindications, so Bodyflex system is right for you!

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