Exercising Wushu

Exercising Wushu

To date, very few people can surprise classes in fitness clubs or hiking to yoga. Yes, fun is not cheap. In contrast to many sports clubs gaining popularity and the Chinese Wushu gymnastics.

Chinese Wushu recreation practiced today among men and women who seek to regain their health, develop strength both spiritual and physical. Traditional Wushu should take place in a well ventilated room and at least one hour, and the place should be a lot, so that no one interfered with the implementation of the neighbors exercise.

Wushu Technique

Fitness training martial arts is really a cure for many diseases. Thus, it is possible to benefit for people who have a violation of the musculoskeletal system, as well as for people with respiratory and cardiovascular system.

Basically, wushu movement on top of training slow, with a small number of repetitions. Then ushu complexes compounded depending on the degree natrenirovannosti organism. It is important to engage the Chinese gymnastics only on an empty stomach. If you decide to grasp the basics of martial arts in depth, be sure to start with a study of more dynamic exercises that focused on the development of flexibility, various racks and simple strokes. And most importantly, can not the same load and the male and female body. The weaker sex for this type of gymnastics should receive half the load, than the stronger.

Exercising Wushu: exercise

  1. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. At the same time pull the left arm forward and right - back. Slowly, so as not to damage the ligaments, start moving your hands forward. After the exercise, try going backwards. For a start will be enough, and 20 reps.
  2. Staying in the same position, bend your arm at the elbow and try to repeat the movement, like when running. In this case, the repetition should be about fifty.
    Exercising Wushu
  3. Again, standing up straight, lift your left leg so that the knee was bent and sock "watched" in the floor. This right hand shall be lifted up, where his hand should look at the ceiling. This exercise is static. In this position, you must stand still for a few minutes. After repeated in mirror image on the other hand static and foot.
  4. Standing upright, set up wide-leg, the distance between the feet should not be less than one meter. Sit down to a level until your buttocks will not be on the level with his knees. This exercise is also static. Ideally, in this position you need to sit for about 7-10 minutes.

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