Mantras for weight loss

Mantras for weight loss

Mantra - is a phrase in Sanskrit, spoken in a specific rhythm and sound. Often singing mantras, and it only increases their effectiveness. Why - recognize when we see what is the mantra for weight loss, and how they operate.

Weight Loss

With the help of mantras we have the opportunity to join the Vedic culture, to get at least a little bit in the bottomless well of knowledge of Tibet. Practically minded people immediately ask the question, why is it necessary. Instead of an answer, you hear another question: have you ever seen the thick of Tibetan monks? The way the monks spend time in Tibet is not like standard weight loss methods - they have the whole day sitting in the lotus position and meditate. The only thing that rejuvenates their bodies, cleanses, heals, and in other words - promotes weight loss - is a mantra, during the singing of which the human consciousness merges with the cosmos and becomes one.


Mantra - is, as Christians, prayer , mantra is read only each individual to his divinity, which is responsible for the execution of the request (this is very similar to a praying saint). There is a mantra in the welfare, health, money, and, of course, Tibetan mantra for weight loss - a problem №1, and nothing bad in the fact that people will begin his rehabilitation Vedic it with her, no.

When you begin to read the mantra, you quietly, immersed in a hypnotic state, your words emit a vibration, and that vibration goes to every cell in the body. Vibrations are very useful, particularly rejuvenation line, because it is this process and releases the cells from stagnation and solidifying the interstitial fluid, which leads to a "shrinkage" with age. But not only in the case of vibration physiology. The rhythmic repetition frees our brain from intrusive thoughts, and yet creative and bold solutions are born only in a free from dirt mind.

Rules of reading mantras

Like all "sorcery", "magic", and other supernatural ways mantra offer us to start losing weight with the waning moon. It is believed that with the waning moon and leave our problems. Verify?

If we talk about the problem of excess weight, in this case, actual mantra for weight loss on the water. It involves the consumption of large amounts of water daily, and wherein the water recitation.

So, every day, you should read the mantra to weight loss and rejuvenation of 108 times. Divide that by 12 and get 9. That is - during the day we spend 12 like meditation, reading a mantra for 9 times. Total, if during each read slander 125 ml glass of water, we get 1.5 liters - the norm.

If you can not read the mantra aloud (are among men), write it in mp3 format to the player, insert the earphones and listening, try speaking to himself.

You can also read all in one fell swoop and "tell a story" at a time as much as one and a half liters of water. To do this, place the morning before a pitcher of water, and read the mantra 108 times, it will only take 15 minutes, but such meditation will balance you for the whole day.


That mantra really work, say the examples of those who a few months lost ten kilograms. But the mantra meditation is not only good for weight loss, you calm your mind, heal from stress and learn not to create stressful situations. Women are very useful here in this way to talk and be alone with him: lost complexes achieved harmony with his inner "I" disappear obsessive thoughts, the tendency to hunch tantrums, distrust. A little advice for the record, do not tell your favorite men that practicing mantras - they would not take you seriously. It is better to wait until he asks favorite from such drastic positive changes in the nature, then it can be harnessed and read at your leisure mantra.

The texts of mantras

The mantra for weight loss:


Mantra for rejuvenation:


The mantra for the rejuvenation and transformation:


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