What if I'm fat?

What if I'm fat?

It has long been a variety of television and the media stereotype imposed on modern man that must all be very slim. Men have to be pumped and a little girl anorexic. Therefore there is in the minds of modern women's question: what if I'm fat.

First, take the time and do not need to panic. Analyze their appearance, their parameters. Think about it, where did you have this thought and only then act. The very first thing you need to do: identify, you really need to take some action and how tough they should be.

"I'm terrible and thick!"

These two indicators appearance is often equated to each other. It has long been proven that men are attracted to body parameters themselves, and their proportions. Fat woman with good breast, a beautiful line of the hips and a pretty thin waist (with respect to the hips) is always perceived as beautiful, sexy and very effective.

"I think I'm fat"

This formulation is also very popular with women. Check whether the problem is really quite simple. Firstly, there is a very simple table. It is associated with increasing weight. For example, during the growth of 170 cm 55 kg body weight is considered to be insufficient. But at the same growth of 95 kg indicate the beginning of obesity.

What if I'm fat?

"I was called fat '

Such motivation is most common in children and adolescents. In this case, you need to pay attention to nutrition and physical activity of the child, in the absence of stress. But it is important to remember that a child can very much change in just a couple of years. And if this situation is concerned about an adult person, the first thing worth thinking about. Perhaps this is not an objective opinion and personal animosity or envy.

"The guy says I'm fat"

Men love with their eyes - that's a fact. And if your man subtly alludes to the completeness and proposes to solve the problem together, and it is worth considering. But more common is the situation. A man needs a woman perfect look. It is not too concerned about his stomach with dice in his case. That kind of advice is best not to listen.

If I have very thick, what to do?

Many people say to myself: I'm a fat girl. That is, since there is a certain amount of excess weight. But when the problem is a clear and serious proportions, need expert help. If the weight is too large, it is better to turn to nutritionists, trainers, cosmetologists. As well as constantly consult with a physician.

How do I become fat?

This is the first, what you need to understand. Analyze your lifestyle. Perhaps the one to blame power. Or, sedentary work and the lack of sports. Or is the problem in hormones and stress, difficult situations.

Why am I fat?

Next examined is why you still have not solved the problem. Most likely, the reason is motivation. If it was not - get. And no need to refer to the fact that there is no time or power capabilities. And now we must ask, what if I'm fat.

I'm fat, how to lose weight?

Very simple. Choose a healthy diet, which can adhere to for a long time without problems. Sign up for a gym, start jogging. Pay attention to massages, beauty treatments. Folk remedies rid the body of toxins. And then the result will not take long.

The main thing - reconsider their way of life in general. Something led to a little extra padding. And if it does not change, then the weight comes back. Therefore, weight loss is better to build such a system, which you can stick to the time. The same rule will help ensure healthy weight loss.

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