I can not lose weight - what to do?

I can not lose weight - what to do?

Slender lady, hearing complaints fatties "I can not lose weight, nothing works - what to do?" Is usually sniffed, dismissing comments like "there should be less, and fat as a hand lift." But it can be said only those who had a long and painful not losing weight, who did not set a goal to lose a few tens of kilograms. But wishing to lose weight badly are often faced with the fact that you can not lose weight. That is, the first weight is reset, all is well, and after the cock stops, not wanting to move or per gram. Here and begin the complaint "why I can not lose weight", but "what to do if you can not lose weight." Let us deal with these questions together.

Why can not I lose weight?

The reasons on which it is impossible to lose weight may be a few, but most of them are our fears and complexes, not the absence of a proper desire to get rid of the extra kilos.

  1. A lot of stress and depression following them traditionally have seized a large number of "tasty" - sweets, salted, smoked, and no other healthy food.
  2. Painful rupture of relations in the past, which you are already managed to forget partially. And your body is not, so he's trying to protect you, wrapped in a layer of excess fat.
  3. weight gain often occurs after marriage, even though you seem to be strongly your diet is not changed. In this case, the weight gain is also guilty subconscious mind - usually the ladies, married, settle down, that my husband is here to stay and relax. Or, after another quarrel you have flashed the thought to avenge her husband, plump obscene. The body remembers everything, and now aims to fulfill your desires.
  4. ladies often err on the own appearance, looking for flaws in everything. And over time, this discontent turns into a real self-loathing. Nobody likes when he did not like, that's your body and you take revenge for this attitude.
  5. Loneliness, lack of love, all this leads to comfort yourself to a delicious and high-calorie food. As a result, the extra weight.
  6. Sometimes, in order to lose weight do not have enough willpower. People regularly violate diet and training regimen, inventing yourself excuses like "I eat chocolate today, and tomorrow it is required to work off at the gym." Such promises are not met naturally, and therefore the weight is in no hurry to disappear.

What should I do if I can not lose weight?

Having dealt with the reasons why losing weight is an impossible task for you, proceed to address them. Also help to lose weight following methods.

  1. Changing the type of training, for example, before you press vigorously shook, and now try jogging or swimming. Change the exercises constantly, so that the muscles do not have time to get used to, or try interval training.
  2. Alternating daily caloric intake. Let's say you ate 1900 calories daily. Now try to use the first day of 1600 kcal, and the second in 2200 kcal. At the same time, make sure that the weekly rate remained the same consumption.
    I can not lose weight - what to do?
  3. Inclusion in the weight loss program mandatory exercise. If you previously did not engage in strength training, start doing it. And the muscles strengthen and speed up the exchange of substances.
  4. Changing the ratio of nutrients. Sit on the protein diet, diversify its carbohydrates. And in the carbohydrate diet, on the contrary, add protein.
  5. Changing the number of meals. We ate three times earlier in the day, now try to divide the daily nutrient consumption rate for 5-6 receptions.

Sometimes it happens that a person in the course of all these rules, willingly comply, but to lose weight still can not, I do not want to part with the accumulated body! Give it a rest, that is, continue to eat healthy food (not as part of the diet), make training less intensive, and forget about weight control. And after some time again sit on a diet, start to train hard and under such pressure from excess weight will go away.

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