How do you get yourself to lose weight?

How do you get yourself to lose weight?

Many girls fully aware of the imperfections of the figure, but can not quite get together and start losing weight. Come to mind thought that it was too long and complicated, and generally better to begin Monday. Many are seriously concerned about the question of how to make yourself lose weight. It's time to find out why some women successfully reduce weight and maintain it, while others move from one diet to another without any visible results, and the third and did entertain the thought that someday one day still take up the case.

When to start losing weight?

So how to make yourself lose weight is difficult, many lay it on "Monday" and other mythical, no significant periods of nothing, in which, of course, too, nothing happens. So, to lose weight you need to start when the arrow is just crept up. Just scored 2-3 kg is much easier to clean than a stable, long time to gain weight. The faster you take for the cause, the more successful you will manage it!

The motivation for losing weight

Motivation - important in losing weight. If you do not see the objective clearly, you will never reach it. So, you need to motivate yourself. To do this, answer a simple question: why do you need to lose weight?

As long as you do not understand, why still need all the restrictions, you can not begin to him. Few helps just a desire to be more beautiful. In many perfectly valid view its most unfortunate photo, which shows fat and spoiled the figure. With the same purpose, you can simply get naked in front of a mirror. Especially good for those who were slim, but recovered, see picture to the completeness and after. It is sobering and makes think seriously about the figure.

An additional motivation is the desire to be like best partner, the ability to carry things on the size of the smaller sleeker look in a bathing suit or shorts, girlfriend prove that you do not limp piece of meat, etc. Whatever it was, it is important that it really hurt you and forced to act - this is the motivation to lose weight.

You just can not imagine even a sense of pride and self-satisfaction, which is a pleasant warmth will spread all over your body at that moment, when you stand on the scales and realize that you could have achieved his goal! It is much stronger pleasure than the one that you get from chocolates, pastries and fatty foods.

How to force yourself to lose weight?

To force yourself to do them, you need to plan how to start losing weight. It is simple: answer the following questions, and better write down your answers:

  1. Age, height, weight, bust, waist, hips, thighs and lower leg circumference, neck, and other options that interest you.
  2. How much you want to weigh in kilograms? Either you need a waist? Important: The number must be realistic and desirable to enter the limit of normal for your height. The simplest formula for calculating the rate of: growth -100sm -10% of growth = ideal weight. For example, the calculation in height 170: 170-100-17 (this is 10% of 170) = 53. This ideal weight, plus or minus 5 kg at both sides of a valid indicator.
  3. Up to what time you need to achieve the desired index? Note that the natural
    How do you get yourself to lose weight?
    weight loss goes no faster than minus three to four kilograms in a month!
  4. How much time a day you are willing to pay, so that your body has become beautiful?
  5. Look at the popular weight loss system (not diet). This - not a short-term event, you need to choose something that you will be able to follow all the time: a proper diet, the raw food diet, vegetarianism, the system "-60". Select the best option.

Now everything is ready, it is time now only to give up sugar in tea and sweets for dessert. And yet, consider the first successes you have achieved, and more just a sport or a dance and your new power supply system!

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