How do I get myself to do sports?

How do I get myself to do sports?

Many of the girls, sadly eyeing her figure in the mirror, thinking about how to bring himself to do sports. Even with the full knowledge that his life time to change, not every lack of willpower on the most difficult - to act!

How to force yourself to exercise?

In order to play sports at home or fitness club, you need to understand exactly why you need it and it will give you - that is, get a good motivation. What could be a motivation for you?

  • daily photo-seed the most unfortunate angle of your body;
  • a comparison of what you have, and what would be (of course within reach - on foot 10 centimeters long is not worth pointing out but decide how much you want to lose weight or to pump up the buttocks - to identify very important);
  • a clear definition of the advantages of a new way of life: if you force yourself to do sports, you become a slender, smart, will be able to buy a dress size smaller to develop willpower, can boast of her friends, ocharuete man, refresh relations with a partner will not be shy at the beach, etc. .d. It is best to write down all the pros on the piece of paper and hang it in a prominent place.

If you follow all these little motivational need, or at least you understand what you need and realize that it is you really need. And this - a pledge that you will do.

How to play sports at home?

The question of how to make yourself do the same exercise, is one of the most difficult. Man motivate investments and achievements: why are more willing to engage in sports in fitness clubs, giving money for it than at home, but it's free. Besides, doing home, many believe that perform something useless, because they do not know whether they are doing the right exercises, etc.

However, you can work on your own body, you only need to know how to play sports at home:

  • Make yourself a training program. For example, every day you spin the hoop for 20 minutes, and on Wednesdays and Fridays practice shaping for video course;
  • You need to deal with on a regular basis. If this is not - it will not effect, and will not sport, and a waste of time. Your least - three times a week for 40-60 minutes;
  • if you have not played sports, download online video courses several gyms and try their best to select the most suitable option;
  • select yourself the time and place where you will not disturb anyone.

First deal with will be difficult, but just 30 minutes a class body produces endorphins - so called hormones of joy. That's why athletes - such positive and enjoyable in all respects people!

How to make yourself run?

For a start it is worth noting that running can be used not only for effective weight loss, but also for the overall strengthening of the endurance of the body. In addition, regular jogging will give you tight, flat stomach and slender thighs. You want to have a perfect figure? Then you need to run!

To lose weight, you need to run 3-4 times a week for 30-40 minutes - it will burn body fat, and in the eyes take on a beautiful shape. To maintain your body and strengthen the muscles enough to run for 20-30 minutes 3-4 times a week. Aerobatics - is

How do I get myself to do sports?
daily jog. This will give the best effect!

How do you get a child to do sports?

If your child sees childhood dad sitting at the computer, and her mother lying on the couch with a magazine in the evenings - it is unlikely that it will have a great desire to play sports. But if the parents themselves practice the sport, then the child will stretch to it. In addition, you can show them some interesting films about sportsmen, to reinforce his belief that athletes - it's always successful people!

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