Cooking duck Peking

Cooking duck Peking

Suffice it interesting and varied traditions (in the broad sense of the term) of Chinese cuisine. Peking Duck - one of the most well-known of the original Chinese dishes. According to experts, this method of preparing duck was originally formed in the Shandong province. The dish was very popular at the imperial court in Beijing during the Yuan Dynasty. In 1330 the imperial physician and dietitian Hu Sihui published a recipe for Peking duck in his monumental work, "The most important principles of supply." Subsequently, the recipe has spread everywhere under its present name.

Is it difficult to prepare Peking duck?

Some are not too well-versed in cooking people are asking questions such as "how to make Peking duck, or, more precisely, how to make Peking duck in conventional home?" We'll have to immediately frustrate the hapless lovers of exotic culinary: cooking authentic Peking duck in the original recipe requires a careful approach, certain skills and special equipment (using a special oven), which in normal conditions can not be home. However, we can talk about a simplified, so to speak, adapted the recipe. It should also be noted that in a classic, as well as a simplified version of Peking duck with apples is not prepared and is not served!

Some features of dishes

Before cooking the duck marinate. Marinade for duck Peking is a complex mixture of several ingredients (honey, ginger, soy sauce). Before serving the meat of duck cooked Peking, usually thinly sliced and served with scones (pancakes) and sauces (sauce "hoisin sauce" and / or sweet noodle sauce). Also serves young onions and cucumbers, cut into strips. The skin should get a fine, tender and crispy, and the meat - low-fat. This effect is possible only under strict adherence to technology. Pancakes for Peking duck rice is usually served. The Chinese specialty restaurants Peking duck bought and cooked entirely. After cutting the meat from the remaining parts of the prepared broth, and on its basis - the soup of Chinese cabbage, which is usually served after the meat.

simplified recipe

Generally, we all love a tasty meal, and therefore willing to offer to cook a duck, so to speak, in the Chinese style for a simplified technology.


  • 1 duck weighing about 2 kg;
  • 1-2 tablespoons of natural flower honey without pungent smell;
  • 3 tablespoons dark soy sauce quality;
  • 1 tablespoon sesame oil good;
  • 1 root ginger.


Duck promoem twice scalded with boiling water and dry cloth. Natrёm carcass with salt and leave overnight in a cool place (the refrigerator shelf). In the evening and prepare the marinade. Natrёm grated ginger. Mix honey, ginger, sesame oil and soy sauce, let the mixture stand overnight. In the morning strain the sauce and liberally smazhem their duck. The remaining sauce slightly diluted with water and Fill the inside of the duck carcass. Shake and leave for an hour or two.

bake the duck

Warm up the oven to 220 ° C approximately. Put the duck in the oven, on the grill over a baking tray with a little water (or can be baked in foil). Bake the duck about 1.5 hours, as soon as the skin browns - temperature drops. The effluent from the carcass sochok should be transparent. Sandpaper the finished duck should have a dark golden brown hue.

Cooking pancakes
Cooking duck Peking

Pancakes prepared, for example, a mixture of rice and wheat flour (1: 1). We sift the flour and knead simple enough dough on the water with the addition of sesame oil. Rolling pin roll out tortillas and bake them in a pan, it is possible - on oil, but you can not - so even more useful.

We serve duck correctly

On the cake, greased with sauce, put a piece of duck feather onion and slice of pickled cucumber, wrap and send in your mouth - delicious! To duck, cooked in a Chinese style, good submit Shaoxing rice wine, Maotai or ergatou. Presumably, the European table wines are also quite suitable.

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