Probably the most famous alcoholic drink of Mexico - is tequila. And only a few have heard about the mezcal. But he appeared much earlier. Thus, tequila - it is one of the varieties of mezcal. Here we will tell you about all the subtleties of the drink.

How to drink mezcal?

Before we tell you how to drink mezcal, we will tell about how to properly store the drink.

So, if you plan to store a bottle of mezcal for a long time (a year or two or more), it's wise to pour bottle lid with hot wax. And if it turned out that part of the drink, and some were sent to storage, keep in mind that to keep a bottle of this drink can only be in a dark and cool place.

Finally, tell, how to drink mezcal. Serve this drink cold should not be, it is better if it is room temperature. Well, you can drink it in two ways - as a liqueur , slowly, savoring every drop of drink. Or the second way - in bulk in special mezcal wine glasses, pour in the palm of a small pinch of salt, take a piece of lime. First lick salt, drink the drink in one gulp and a snack lime. But in Mexico there is a third way, called Rapido. To drink this way, pour it in a glass of 2 cm, then pour 2 cm tonic, cover the glass with his hand and beat it on the table. This is done to ensure that there were bubbles in the drink. The drink is consumed. The first way is good because it can be well rasprobovat all the notes of the drink, but the rest of the 2 methods are more suitable for a fun meal.

What is the difference of mescal tequila?

As already mentioned, tequila - mezcal drink variety. So what's the difference between them? It now discuss:

  • in the production of mezcal used 4 varieties of agave. In the production of tequila is used only blue agave;
  • in many types of mezcal added sugar, but in tequila sweetener does not happen;
  • mezcal produced in all of Mexico, but the tequila - a drink that is prepared exclusively in the State of Jalisco;
  • mescal taste more vivid and pronounced than in tequila.

Mezcal with caterpillar

At the bottom of the bottles of mescal worm sometimes placed, of which the birthplace of the drink called "Juanito." This is nothing like a butterfly caterpillar living on the agave. The caterpillar is red and white. The most expensive and prestigious varieties of the drink add a red caterpillar. So manufacturers have attracted attention to their products, as well as those they would like to prove the high quality of his drink, because a good alcohol to decompose the insect will not.

Later, these caterpillars in mezcal was ascribed even some medicinal properties. The drink was a huge success, and tequila producers started a rumor that the caterpillars can cause hallucinations. But it's nothing more than rumors. Juanito completely harmless, vyroschennye young agave, they kept another year in alcohol to all pathogenic bacteria are killed. Thus, mezcal with caterpillar is completely safe for consumption, and by the way, he is no different from that of the beverage without the worm. By the way, the Mexicans have a tradition - a caterpillar snack drink from the bottle. But if someone

do not like it, this is not required.

Variety mescal

The drink has a difference in aging:

  • without time - it's Blanco or straights;
  • shutter 6 months - 1 year - Reposado:
  • delay of 1-3 years or more - is Aejo.

Mezcal with pear

Mezcal Divino with pear - this is perhaps the only drink, where you can find fruit, placed entirely in the bottle. Prepare it for the technology, which is held in the strictest confidence. In one version of the escape from the ovary of the fruit is dipped in a bottle and already there it matures. Then he carefully cut and infused mescal. The result leaves a unique drink with aroma of pears .

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