Guacamole sauce: a recipe

Guacamole sauce: a recipe

Mexican guacamole appetizer (guacamole, App.) Is a thick sauce based pyurirovannoy avocado pulp with the addition of some other ingredients. Currently, Mexican sauce guacamole has been gaining popularity, not only in Latin and Central America, but also around the world. Historically, the tradition of cooking sauce uakamole date back to Aztec times. It is possible that the tradition of preparing these sauces based on avocado pulp formed in earlier Indian culinary cultures.

About components sauce

There are a variety of recipes guacamole, which differ in the degree of grinding components, and additive composition. It should be noted that the major components in the guacamole, the classical prescription are lime juice and / or lemon juice and salt. Optionally often add the tomatoes, garlic, various peppers of different colors and degrees of ripeness (including chili peppers of different kinds, sweet pepper), olive oil, sour cream, different kinds of onions, cilantro and other herbs, different dry ground spices and other seasonings .

How to make guacamole?

How to cook the sauce guacamole (describe in detail). Variety of chili choose based on preferences (there are different varieties of chili peppers, which differ in taste and sharpness).


  • 1-2 peppers;
  • 2 ripe avocado;
  • 1 lime + half a lemon;
  • 4-5 cloves of garlic;
  • cilantro beam.


Cut the pepper in half, carefully remove seeds and partitions, and place in a bowl of a blender. There also put the pulp of avocado and garlic. Let us pour the juice squeezed from citrus. Juices used citrus are excellent natural antioxidants, they prevent oxidation of the avocado pulp and acquisition of unappetizing brown sauce. Prisolit and add chopped cilantro. Processed in a blender, and guacamole sauce is ready. You can make it a little more and be stored in a sealed glass or ceramic container in the refrigerator. Such a sauce can add tomatoes and sweet peppers (pre-treatment in a blender), a bit of olive oil, sour cream, a variety of herbs, dried spices and some vegetables. Of course, it is better to choose such components that are natural to the habitat in Central America.

In Mexico itself guacamole prepared slightly differently - all ingredients in a mortar and triturated by hand, so that the sauce ingredients are small pieces. Both variants - manual and use the blender - is acceptable, you can base the selection only on their culinary preferences. The original version, by the way, is quite spicy, but Americans prefer more salty guacamole and chili are added quite a bit. Garlic as a part of the sauce - also borrowed this time the Spanish. Well, our hostess like to add

Guacamole sauce: a recipe
in this sauce onion.

What serves guacamole?

Traditionally eaten with guacamole and corn tortillas and potato chips. Generally, guacamole sauce combined with most Mexican dishes and obschelatinoamerikanskih. His wonderful lodge as gravy for meat, fish and vegetable dishes, to the polenta, hominy, stewed and boiled needle beans. However, there is a very simple version, which is perfect for his bachelor party with a Mexican beer - just air dry toasted white bread, cut into cubes and soak sauce. Get a simple and original!

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