Rolls "California" - recipe

Rolls "California" - recipe

It is not difficult to guess that invented this kind of rolls in a restaurant in California, USA. Creator believe chef Ichiro Mashita. In 1973, he first gave this dish, which quickly became popular first in the US, and now in the world.

Today we will learn how to cook rolls "California".

Classic rolls "California" - recipe


  • boiled rice - 150 g;
  • Nori seaweed - 1 sheet;
  • crab meat - 50 grams;
  • Avocado - 1 pc;
  • tobiko caviar - 50 g;
  • special mat - Makis.


Ichiro Mashita very true Americans feel about and understand why Japanese cuisine is not particularly popular. The taste of ordinary rolls not meet the expectations of Americans and Europeans, because the smell of algae interrupted all the other ingredients. Preparation of rolls "California" is characterized by the fact that they figure out.

Rolls "California" and struck the Americans do not get the first algae nori in the mouth, with a specific taste and a familiar figure. But the rice itself did not look very attractive. So the idea to decorate it with Tobiko - flying fish roe. It is ideal for decorating rolls outside - not strewed and gives appetizing appearance.

To do this, you need to put Makis sheet of nori on top evenly distribute the cooled rice. After that, you need to flip the nori sheet so that the rice has appeared at the bottom of Macy's, and nori - the top.

To rice will not stick to your hands, you can moisten with water. There is a small trick in cooking rice rolls out - Makis can wrap cling film, that figure is not much of his soiled.

Thereafter follows the filling place. Classic rolls "California" have an original composition: avocado and crabmeat in the stuffing, tobiko caviar for decoration. On nori spread chopped avocado into thin strips. In the store you need to choose the most soft, ripe avocados just melt in your mouth, they are easy to peel and leaves it is not difficult to clean. Also add the crab meat. Carefully wrap Makis, trying to give Rollo traditional square look. The resulting sausage must be evenly decorate the top caviar tobiko. The thicker and smoother layer will look so appetizing finished product.

Standard sheet of nori is designed so that after cooking roll it was conveniently cut into 8 pieces. 2 parts - it is usually cut off the rough edges, and the remaining 6 constitute a standard serving. Serve rolls recommended with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.

Custom solutions rolls "California"

Since the invention of rolls "California" has been more than 40 years. Over the years there have been many variations. For example, the dish turned out a budget, the ingredients for a california roll must be changed. Instead, you can use a cucumber avocado and crab meat substitute crab sticks. There are recipes that tobiko caviar replaced by sesame - it gives a certain lightness of dishes and is suitable for those who do not like fish.


Rolls "California" - recipe
Fig generally that rolls and, in particular, are considered dietetic food, rolls "California" have a 299 calorie Kcal 6 pieces. Therefore, by preparing rolls with your hands, it must be remembered that the "California" is a hearty, calorie, balanced diet. Seaweed Nori provide the body with iodine, improve digestion, speed up metabolism, which generally contributes to weight loss. The same function - to improve digestion - carry soy sauce and ginger. That is why, despite the rather high calorie rolls "California", the recipe is popular with people looking for her figure and leading a healthy lifestyle.

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