Bark Hair oak

Bark Hair oak

These common problems with the scalp, dandruff, seborrhea, increased activity of the sebaceous glands are easily solved with the help of various folk methods. Hair oak bark used in the composition of the masks, and special preparations for medical solutions. Moreover, this agent can significantly improve the appearance of the strands.

Rinsing of oak bark for hair

In this natural product contains large amounts of tannins, volatile, and minerals. The combination of components provides an intense anti-inflammatory effect and significantly reduces the amount of skin secretions produced. Therefore, the use of hair oak bark can quickly reduce their fat content, to prevent the rapid contamination of curls, their dullness.

Recipe rinse:

  1. Approximately 1.5-2 tablespoons fitosyrya boil in 1 liter of water.
  2. Reduce heat and leave for 15 minutes with the lid closed.
  3. Cool broth and strain it.
  4. The resulting liquid rinse strands after each shampooing.

A decoction of the bark of oak for hair growth

This method of strengthening the roots and revitalize follicles involves daily use of a special solution. Preparation:

  1. The mix equal amounts of powdered bark of oak and natural black tea without additives.
  2. Two tablespoons of raw insist 15 minutes in 300 ml of boiling water.
  3. Strain agent and mixing it with 1 liter of warm water.
  4. Thoroughly rinse the hair resulting solution.

It is advisable not to dry curls hairdryer and laid utjuzhkom after the procedure.

Oak bark from hair loss

Very effective mask for the prevention of alopecia:

  1. Grind to a powder of oak bark.
  2. Mixed media with plantain, mint leaves and dandelion (dry) in equal proportions.
  3. Dissolve the dry raw olive oil or burdock direct extraction so as to obtain a thick mass leave to infuse for a few minutes.
  4. Heat means to body temperature, put a mask on the scalp and gently rub her fingertips along the partings.
  5. Residues distributed along the entire length of the strands.
  6. Wrap head with plastic wrap and cotton cloth.
  7. Leave on the mask 8 hours, preferably do it at night.
  8. After the allotted time, rinse agent with warm water and shampoo, rinse the head decoction of oak bark at one of the above recipes.

It should be noted that the procedure should not be performed frequently enough 1x 8-10 days as fitodrug can cause skin dryness.

Oak bark for dyeing hair

In the described vehicle is a high concentration of pigments that give strands of chestnut shade, so many women prefer unnatural colors of a natural product.

How to dye your hair oak bark:

  1. One teaspoon pour means about a glass of water (amount of fluid depends on the desired hue, the more water - the lighter color).
  2. To improve the tone, you can add a bit of dry onion peel .
  3. Boil fitosyre about half an hour on low heat.
  4. Strain the broth, let it cool down to an acceptable temperature.
    Bark Hair oak
  5. Apply the liquid for the entire length of the hair.
  6. Wrap strands cling film and insulate with a thick towel. For thermoeffect can warm up briefly head hairdryer.
  7. Leave your vehicle for 60 minutes.
  8. After a specified period to wash your hair with a mild shampoo, preferably then rinsed curls herbal decoction.

To maintain the resulting color is enough to use after each cleansing rinse hair on the basis of oak bark.

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