Carpaccio of beets

Carpaccio of beets

Currently, the culinary term "carpaccio" is used to refer to dishes from almost any raw, very thinly sliced products, including meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, and more. The main products, sliced thin small plates, not closely laid out on a serving a la carte dishes. The surface of these plates is lubricated by fermenting various mixtures (e.g., olive fruit vinegar + oil and / or acidic juice).

Tell us how to prepare carpaccio , using beets as one of the main products. Beetroot carpaccio will not only be interesting to fans of the raw food diet, but very useful, especially for those who have elevated blood pressure. Beets choose a medium-sized, not fodder varieties.

Carpaccio of raw beets with cheese and salmon

  • young small beets - 1 pc. weighing not more than 100 g;
  • salmon (pink salmon suit, trout, salmon, etc.) - no more than 130 grams;
  • or semi-hard cheese (any) - 50 g;
  • Fresh herbs are different (green onions, parsley, rosemary, basil, cilantro);
  • straight vegetable oil cold pressed (olive or sesame oil, or any other of your choice);
  • natural fruit vinegar;
  • lemon or lime;
  • Garlic - 1 clove;
  • chili sharp fresh;
  • juniper berries.


We use a very sharp knife (as you can - opener, making the surface of sliced wavy). Fresh fish is better to use, in any case, before cooking it is necessary to hold a piece of time in the freezer to make it easier to cut.

Clear the beets and cut into it (like along, want to cross) very thin almost transparent small plates. Also very thin plates of similar shape as possible thinly sliced salmon flesh (across the grain). Cheese rub on a grater. Plates beets and salmon alternately not closely spread on a dish.

Now prepare the sauce, marinade. Crush in a mortar the garlic with spicy red pepper and juniper berries

Carpaccio of beets
(They will give special carpaccio sharp pine flavor). Add 1 part vinegar and 3 parts oil. All mix thoroughly and leave 10 minutes strain the sauce through a strainer, and with the help of silicone grease sauce brush the surface of each piece of the flesh of salmon and beets. We make greens and lightly sprinkle with grated cottage cheese . Wait another 8-20 minutes to the plate carpaccio marinated well.

Serve a carpaccio of beets can be with any wine, including, and rice, vodka, gin, whiskey, aquavit and bitters.

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