Choux pastry for chebureks

Choux pastry for chebureks

Chebureki - beloved by many baked goods, is a kind of pie made of thin unleavened dough. An excellent taste and a pleasant view make it possible to carry it to the category of dish festive. Customarily, when the pasties are made from ordinary unleavened dough. We offer you a recipe for choux pastry pasties on.

Chebureki choux dough more delicate and porous. For toppings are perfect not only beef, but also cheese with herbs. Some women bake for children wonderful delicious pasties with sweet filling: from berries or very thick jam (jam).

How to make choux pastry?

Ingredients for the dough:

  • flour - 8 glasses;
  • yolk - 2 pcs .;
  • vegetable refined and deodorized oil - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • water - 2 cups;
  • vodka - 2 tbsp. spoon.

Preparation of the dough

Boil water, add salt and sugar about a teaspoon. Without removing the pan from the heat, pour in vegetable oil, deodorized and sharply Pour cup of flour. Saucepan, remove from heat and vigorously stir the mass. Just want to warn: the total homogeneity of the mixture you seek for anything, will attend small lumps in the curd.

We give the opportunity to the mixture to cool. It is necessary that the egg yolk is cooked. Now add the egg yolks, a little vodka. All stir, gradually vsyp flour. On a cutting board sprinkled put the dough and pour more flour to the dough does not stick to hands. We try as carefully as possible to knead the mass of the test, then to a particularly soft pasties. Ideally, to obtain the elastic dough, it is necessary to knead 15 minutes.

Choux pastry for chebureks

Blanking of the dough with a clean cotton cloth and give it "rest" for 1 hour.

Fillings for chebureks

In parallel, prepare the stuffing for chebureks. We offer two kinds of stuffing: minced meat and cottage cheese with herbs.

The filling of cottage cheese with herbs


  • curd - 800 g;
  • mixture of herbs (dill, chives and parsley).


Cut greens finely, mix with cream cheese in the bowl, lightly salted.

The filling of meat


  • meat - 600 g;
  • onions - 2 large onions;
  • water - 1 cup.


Scroll through a meat grinder meat pieces. Better if it will be a lamb, but you can take in equal proportions beef and pork fat. At the end of the bow miss. For a more pungent smell, add a few cloves of garlic. Mince in a bowl podsolite, add pepper, pour the water, so he had a loose konstintentsiyu and after frying was gentle.

Preparation chebureks choux dough

Divide the dough for about 20 pieces of each - the ball rolls down. The ball of dough is rolled into a thin cake, constantly prisypaya board and rolling pin with flour.

Half tortillas spread with a thick layer stuffing, stepping back a bit from the edge. Fold cake in half - two halves of the edge must be aligned. Carefully zaschipyvaem edge, so that when a heat treatment they have spread.

Choux pastry for chebureks
To be safe, you can wrap the edges overlap ( "pigtail") - it will be so beautiful, and you will ensure the integrity of the finished chebureks.

Pasties Fry in a large amount of deodorized sunflower oil on both sides. Always good red-hot oil before laying out chebureks, otherwise the dough will stick to the pan and pasties rollover tear.

Chebureki - this dish, which is eaten hot. Cooled pasties, too, of course, tasty, but the dough becomes softer, soaking up the broth from the meat. Therefore, you can pre-cook the dough and stuffing for chebureks and start cooking closer to the expected meal.

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