Shampoo Soultz

Shampoo Soultz

Greasy hair and dandruff - frequent problems faced by both men and women. Moreover, all this "good" looks like, to put it mildly, not very aesthetically pleasing, as it also gives a lot of discomfort. Sometimes, even the most expensive shampoos, conditioners and hair masks are powerless.

But even in such a case to fall into despair not worth it, because there shampoo Soultz. You could meet this remedy at the pharmacy. And I must say, in vain did not pay attention to it before. In this article, we'll explain what this means and how it affects the health of the hair.

Shampoo Soultz - composition and function

The main active agent, which is included in the shampoo - selenium disulphide. Dandruff occurs because of the special yeast fungus. A selenium disulphide just able to stop the development of this fungus.

By selenium disulphide Soultz shampoo can also prevent the occurrence of dandruff in the future and is even able to reduce the amount of fat released scalp (the main reason for zhirneyut hair).

The principle of operation of dandruff shampoo Soultz simple: make up particles of selenium disulphide attached to the fungus, then it can not multiply. And because the operating elements are mounted firmly to the scalp, they remain even after the shampoo rinsed off, and continue to operate for a long period.

Medical Soultz shampoo for dandruff

Those who have already experienced the full range of tools Soultz (except shampoo, there is also a special paste, peeling , soap), unanimously claim that it is - a real panacea. Soultz Shampoo not only cure dandruff but also markedly improves the condition of the hair. Already after the first few treatments you will notice that your hair become stronger, thicker, healthier and more obedient.

The formula shampoo for dandruff Soultz matched so precisely balanced and that after using it persists painfully unpleasant itching and possible irritation, which in most cases is accompanied by seborrhea (dandruff alternative name).

If you are familiar with Sulsenoy paste, you must be heard about the unpleasant smell that remains on the hair after using it. We hasten to reassure you: unlike pasta Soultz shampoo helps hair loss, effective against dandruff, for all that, and still has a pleasant aroma. So this means you can be treated with pleasure.

Peeling shampoo

The special-exfoliating shampoo, selenium disulphide in addition, includes special plastic granules with the properties of the deep peeling, which allow you to create a massaging effect.

The main advantages that boasts shampoo Peeling Soultz, are as follows:

  1. Efficient and scalp renewal. Calming itch.
  2. Peeling is much better than other funds removes sticky dandruff. Already a couple of procedures trudnosmyvaemye particles of the epidermis and the track will remain.
  3. After applying the blood circulation improves Soultz-exfoliating shampoo, and significantly strengthens hair roots.
  4. One of the main advantages - a reduction of sebum, and
    Shampoo Soultz
    respectively, the hair longer maintain a presentable appearance.
  5. As well as the usual shampoo Soultz, peeling effect on the fungus that causes dandruff .

Most of the benefits of using the shampoo and, and peeling can be obtained using other means and in parallel from the series.

In general, Soultz shampoo is considered safe, but it also has its contraindications. For example, it is not recommended to use means for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Another Contraindications - idiosyncrasy components of shampoo.

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