How to cook kebab?

How to cook kebab?

Currently kebab dish is quite common in many countries and the culinary traditions of the various peoples living in an extended area from the Balkans to Iran. Kebab - a great dish for a picnic, a great alternative to a traditional barbecue. How to cook kebab? It is an oblong patty of finely chopped lamb meat with chopped onions, fried on a skewer, in the classic version - on the grill, although variants are possible, for example, roasting in a pan on the wet wooden skewers. Basically, in an urban environment can be cooked kebab in the oven, but it's better to cook on the grill.

What prepared kebab?

You can cook kebab meat of various animals and birds, and even pork impossible for countries with Muslim culinary traditions. Use beef, veal, goat meat, horse meat, oslyatinu, meat of wild antelope and deer. It is also possible to mix different types of meat and poultry. The birds make good use of turkey can be cooked and the chicken kebab. In modern conditions it is advisable to prepare a kebab of minced meat, it is not necessary to cut the meat by hand.

Kebab: classic version


  • 1 kg of lamb;
  • 4 onions;
  • 50-80 grams of sheep fat (it can be replaced with natural butter);
  • salt;
  • pepper;
  • a variety of dry spices to taste;
  • lemon;
  • herbs (parsley, cilantro, tarragon, basil, and others).


Mutton flesh should be clear of films and sinews, rinse and dry with a clean linen cloth. Next, the meat, fat of tail and peeled onion should be crushed one way or another: can traditional - finely chop by hand a heavy sharp knife on the board. It is more convenient, of course, use a grinder or chopper. Be sure to thoroughly repulse beef (for at least 10 minutes), to become viscous and elastic (aka kebabs fall apart). Then it is necessary to very carefully knead minced hands. Now season with minced dry spices, chopped herbs, lemon juice squeezed. Salted, again carefully promeshaem. Bread and eggs do not add! It should be noted that the addition of chicken meat improves the texture of the meat, making it more convenient for cooking kebabs. In addition, the combination of lamb and chicken quite harmoniously and does not conflict with religious food traditions of different peoples. You can re-skip through the meat grinder stuffing to improve texture. Next you need to put the minced meat in a cool place for at least 2 hours After this time, knead again and stuffing wet hands sculpt minced oblong, tapering to the ends of long patties and carefully strung them on skewers wet. Gently reduce (zaravnivaem) beef patties on the edges.

How to fry kebab?

In the classic version kebab need to fry (or bake) on the grill over hot coals to form a delicious crust is golden-brown. Skewers should be rotated more often. Pierces kebab sharpened match or a toothpick - if transparent fragrant juice is released, then kebab ready. Ready kebab should immediately remove from heat, otherwise the meat can

How to cook kebab?
desiccate, become tough and unpleasant to the taste.

As serves kebabs?

Carefully remove the skewers kebabs with using a fork and spread on plates. Kebab served to the table hot with pita bread or scones, fresh herbs, onion rings or green onion, simple vegetable salads and various hot sauces, choice, of course, it depends on the national traditions and personal preferences. Well suited spicy tomato sauce, sauces Caucasian plum (tkemali type) and many others. You can file a canned green peas and table grape wine, best red.

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