How to Cook manti?

How to Cook manti?

Manta - this is a very trivial traditional dish in many culinary traditions of the peoples of Asia. Strictly speaking, dumplings with minced meat - minced lumps it in thin dough. Usually manti steamed in a special double boiler-mantyshnitse. Of course, now in larger settlements can buy dumplings, semi-finished products, which can only cook. But of course home-cooked food tastes better.

What cook manti?

How to cook a delicious manti? It is not too easy, but not very hard. Gourmets add to stuffing a little pumpkin pulp and fresh herbs, use a variety of spices, serves a variety of sauces. To prepare the required meat, onions and wheat flour. You can make minced meat of various animals (beef, lamb, horsemeat and even pork), and you can add chicken or turkey meat, you can even cook dumplings with fish and seafood. Stuffing can be bold or not. A sample calculation is as follows: 1 kg of meat - 4 medium size onions and about 1 kilogram of a good meal. How to cook juicy manti? First, the meat should not be too lean. Secondly, during the preparation of minced meat should add some water to at provarivaniya formed inside a couple of juice.

How to cook beef on the mantle?

Peeled onions and meat scroll in a meat grinder with a large or medium attachment (you can, of course, use the processor or chopper). In the beef add to taste the dry spices (ground black pepper and fragrant, can, etc.) and some prisalivaem. All thoroughly mixed. Cover the container with a lid meat to minced no zavetrilsya and reserve capacity in a cool place (of course, not for long).

How to cook the dough on the mantle?

Per kilogram of flour - about 2 cups of water + a pinch of salt. Knead the ordinary unleavened dough, it should not be too steep, but it should be flexible. Dough forming sausage diameter of about a centimeter 3. Now divide the sausage with a knife into small pieces (you can use a different way - our task is to obtain sheeted slices of thickness of about a millimeter to 2).

Putting manti

Each rolled out circle-cake spread about a tablespoon (or dessert) spoon stuffing - depends on the diameter of the dough circle and the magnitude of the mantle, which is supposed to receive after cooking. Zaschipyvaem dough crosswise, connecting in the middle of the 4 opposite end. Now zaschipyvaem joints connect adjacent ends of each other - and you can send dumplings in a steamer for about 40 minutes. Grids need to grease.

Sauce - this is important

While the dumplings are cooked, you can prepare a seasoning, as that is usually used a variety of sauces, such as garlic or garlic-sour cream, or any other - it is a matter of taste. Seasonings can be both quite sharp, and conversely, non-acute.

Cooking dumplings with cabbage and meat

products calculation like this: 1 kg of ground beef - 0.5 kg of cabbage and 2-4 onions, salt and spices to taste. The dough for the above

How to Cook manti?
already stated recipe. Knead the dough from flour with water (you can add to it one egg). Leave the dough to stand for half an hour in a cool place. In the beef add the finely chopped cabbage. Minced prisalivaem, season with dry spices and mix thoroughly. Lepim manta rays as described above, and boil for a couple of 40 minutes. Serve the dumplings to the table can be portioned plates or large serving plate. The sauce should be submitted separately. Traditionally, the dumplings eaten with the fingers, the juice does not flow at the puncture with a fork. Good apply to the mantle arak, mare, Djombo or tea.

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