Salad Nicoise

Salad Nicoise

French Nicoise salad - a dish Provencal culinary tradition. It is known that olive cuisine is one of the most useful and delicious in the world. Known even a special collection of Provencal herbs, which is a classic and is decorated with many dishes. Salad Nicoise is currently very popular not only in France but also in other countries. Nioise name comes from the name of the city of Nice. As part of the traditional recipe salad must be present tomatoes, anchovies, olives and garlic.

How to prepare a salad Nicoise?

There are many options for cooking this dish. Opinions culinary experts on the classic Nicoise salad recipes diverge. It is often cooked with green beans (young green beans, peas). The composition of Nicoise salad can include tuna (delicious option) lettuce, capers, onion, cucumber, artichokes, peppers, hard-boiled eggs. Sometimes "Nicoise" put even boiled potatoes, although many cooks professionals reject this approach.

The secret of the salad - dressing

Salad dressings, or special sauce "Nicoise" easy to cook: the classic version in refills includes oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.


  • 4-5 spoons of olive oil Extra Virgin;
  • 1-2 teaspoons of natural light wine vinegar;
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard;
  • red pepper (fresh is best) and black powder - to taste;
  • a little lemon juice;
  • salt.


The process is simple: you just have to mix the olive oil with a wine or balsamic vinegar, add just a little bit of pepper and a little prisolit. Often, to give a special flavor to the filling is added hot peppers of different types, Dijon mustard, olive, fragrant herbs, garlic, sugar.

Nicoise with tuna


  1. 150 grams of canned tuna;
  2. 6 anchovy fillets;
  3. 2-4 ripe red tomatoes;
  4. 1 red onion;
  5. 1-2 sweet peppers;
  6. 6 hard-boiled quail eggs;
  7. 1 stalk of leek;
  8. items 15-20 pitted black olives;
  9. 1 tablespoon capers;
  10. 4 cloves of garlic;
  11. herbs: parsley, basil, rosemary, tarragon, Romano lettuce leaves.


We shall cut tomatoes at random, sweet peppers - short straws, cucumber - along, and then - not long strips. Anchovies chop arbitrarily. Cut the olives - each into 3 parts - circles. Leek - also slices, onion - short straws. Pieces of tuna razomn¸m fork. Decoction of quail eggs, cool and cut each in half. Prepare fill: mix olive oil with wine vinegar and Dijon mustard, add the capers, chopped fresh herbs, chopped garlic. You can whip all blender, but it is desirable that the mixture is not completely homogeneous. The beauty of filling in its non-uniform consistency. Share on serving dish green lettuce leaves, and on top - vegetable mixture. Mix all the prepared ingredients in a salad bowl.

Liberally pol¸m salad dressing. Decorate basil leaves. Good apply to the salad Nicoise light table wine, white or better

Salad Nicoise
pink, preferably olive.

"Nicoise a la Russe"

Of course, you can cook a Nicoise salad with anchovies, replacing the last anchovies, but it should be noted that the replacement of authentic ingredients available in some way alters the dish, but because such variants is no longer possible to consider the classical or traditional. In addition, sprat and anchovy - definitely different products and, consequently, have different tastes. Therefore Nicoise Salad with anchovies variant received additional designation - lettuce in the Russian version.

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