Seborrhea of the scalp

Seborrhea of the scalp

Dandruff - it is the most common problem of all mankind on earth. And all those ads on TV about the wonderful shampoos for dandruff never help you get rid of it, if the nature of the occurrence of inflammation. There are cases where there is actually dandruff due to change shampoos. This is because some marks shampoos contain most of the soap and desiccate the scalp. Naturally, the presence of dandruff every person is inevitable, because in fact it is small flakes, which are updated, regardless of the choice of shampoo or any other disease.

The presence of light dandruff nothing bad does not say, but if its amount has increased dramatically and already excessively interferes, you should think in this case. Basically, all begin to self-medicate, but it is fundamentally not true. You must immediately contact the physician trichologist. Then it is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Seborrhea of the scalp - Causes

It seborrhea scalp is an essential cause of dandruff. What does this do for the disease? In simple words, words - is excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands of fat, so-called saloobrazovaniya. There are cases when at the head of seborrhea, there silnoesaloobrazovanie the whole body, thus people can be a little better.

The main causes of seborrhea:

  • hormonal imbalance, which is caused by disorders of the digestive tract;
  • disorders of the endocrine and the nervous system;
  • the cyclical nature of the emergence in adolescence;
  • transferred earlier seborrheic dermatitis.

Seborrhea of the scalp - Symptoms

This disease can occur in two forms - liquid and dense, thus being characterized as oily and dry seborrhea. Oily seborrhea of the scalp makes the affected skin moist, with distinctive brilliance. In appearance it is like an orange peel. There are acne lesions in the skin lesions. Hair zhirneyut quickly while there is abundant precipitation and the occurrence of scales - dandruff. Basically complications are not observed, but there are cases where there are different purulent skin disease or abrasions.

Dry seborrhea scalp looks in places defeat as excessive dry skin. As such, the skin is the most sensitive and irritable to different allergens. Acute symptoms such seborrhea - a manifestation of excessive dandruff and frequent loss of hair in large quantities.

Quite common form of seborrhea mixed. In these cases, in some areas of the skin develops oily seborrhea of the scalp, and the other dry. This may be the upper part of the back, chest or face. Sometimes it happens that the oily seborrhea form may go dry. Even to this day is not revealed the cause of such a transition form, therefore specific and universal treatment yet.

What is the treatment of seborrhea?

There are several specific groups that may be effective in this regard:

Seborrhea of the scalp

  • special antifungal shampoo not containing ketoconazole;
  • antibacterial shampoos containing oktopriroks piriton or zinc;
  • special exfoliating shampoos that contain salicylic acid;
  • All shampoos are rich in herbal remedies.

This therapy is not definitive, in many cases, it is added to medication and various sprays, ointments and lotions. Typically, such treatment is appointed physician trichologist.

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