Conditioner for hair

Conditioner for hair

Conditioner for hair - not a new tool. Its progenitor Edward Pinod, world-renowned perfumer came up with brilliantine to soften the hair back to the early 20th century. While it consisted of glycerol, castor oil and alcohol. But over the years the development of such a product as a hair conditioner has leaped forward. Now oil is most often replaced silicones that can achieve softness and silkiness without weighing the hair.

Top funds

Shampoos almost any brand accompanied conditioners suitable to them in all respects. Typically, these tools complement each other. A good example would be a mark of Balea Professional Repair. It produces a separate rinse for dark hair, and a separate one for light. Its obvious advantages are the price and the lack of silicone in the composition.

Another professional conditioner for hair produces the company Yves Rocher. He called Soin Vegetale Capillaire Eclat Radiance and it includes no silicone, but there raspberry vinegar, which gives the hair softness and shine.

Natural conditioners for hair

If you are not suitable industrial grade of hair, then we'll show you how to make a conditioner for the hair alone. To do this:

  1. Boil 2 tablespoons chamomile for blonde hair or black tea for brunettes.
  2. Cool and the resulting broth used for rinsing after washing.

Also enhances hair shine ordinary lemon juice or vinegar diluted with water.

Infusion of parsley and conditioner for hair of nettle , mint, oak bark, horsetail, bay leaf, or St. John's wort will be a great helper in the fight against dandruff and hair loss. It tones the scalp and promote hair growth, giving them flexibility over the entire length.

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