Recipe "Macaroni"

Recipe "Macaroni"

"Macaroni" - this is not what is called pasta in Russia. French pastry "Macaroni" - a popular dessert not only in France but also in Canada, the US and Japan. The name of the dessert "Macaroni" is derived from the word ammaccare (maccarone / maccherone ital.), Which literally means "to break, crush." In fact, the name refers to the manufacturing method of the main ingredient - almond powder.

Cake "Macaroni"

French "Macaroni" is the confection resembling a meringue. Prepare the "Macaroni" of egg whites, ground almonds, sugar, powdered sugar and food coloring. Typically, this dessert has three layers - between two cookies is a layer of cream or jam. Recipes "Macaroni" in a certain way different in different cities of France. At Amiens, for example, are used not only almonds, but also fruits and honey.

Recipe "Macaroni" cookie


  • 200 g sugar (crystals must be small), and better - powdered sugar;
  • 100-130 g almond flour (nucleoli almonds, ground very finely);
  • 50 ml of boiled water;
  • 100 g (3-4 pcs) egg white;
  • 3 grams of dry protein;
  • a little vanilla and cinnamon;
  • a bit of food coloring (optional).


How to cook the cake "Macaroni"? Making almond flour: nucleoli almonds pulverized and sieved and dried for about a week. 150 g of sugar Fill the water in a saucepan and put on fire. While the syrup is cooked, egg vzobёm mixer (preferably chilled) proteins with the addition of dry protein on low speed, gradually podsypaya remaining sugar. Continue whisking until the syrup will not come to a rolling boil. Now just podstudim and tidy, with continuous vigorous stirring, pour the syrup into the whites (not vice versa!). Mix until a mass with a smooth texture. Interfere with almond flour in the dough in several stages. At the same stage cooking add the cinnamon, vanilla and dye. Better, of course, natural, for example, raspberry or cherry syrup.

Bake "Macaroni"

Lined pan with a double layer of foil (or parchment paper). We fill a pastry bag dough and extrude the dough on a baking circles with a diameter of about 2 cm. Slightly vstryahnёm baking sheet and leave for 30-50 minutes. If the test surface are bubbles can be neatly pierce each toothpick. Put the pan with future cookies in the oven, preheated to about 140-160S. Bake cookies for 12-15 minutes. Crust to the touch should not stick to the fingers. The finished cookies should be cool, then coat with one cookie in any cream or jam (confiture thick) according to your taste and cover with another cookie. It should be noted that the French usually used for sandwiching "Macaroni" ganache (chocolate cream creamy) Kurd or (thick fruit cream).

Conventional creams for "Macaroni"

Ganache is prepared as follows: 50 ml of dense heat the heavy cream, melt them 80 grams of dark chocolate or 100 grams of white chocolate, stir until smooth and allowed to cool.

Recipe "Macaroni"

Lemon cream. Zest of two lemons mix with 200 g of granulated sugar. Then pour the sugar in the lemon juice (lemon 4) and carefully stir. Separately vzobёm fork or whisk four eggs (foam should not be). Volёm in sugar and leave for half an hour. Strain into a small saucepan and add about 40-50 grams of natural butter. Let simmer on medium-low heat, stirring, until confident thickening. Ready cream before interleaving, of course, it should be cool.

Ready "Macaroni" is well supplied with tea, coffee, rooibos or other similar drinks. You can apply and a glass of liquor, for example, chocolate, almonds, or fruit.

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