Peeling Scalp

Peeling Scalp

Peeling head - a very useful procedure, which strengthens the hair and removes dirt, remaining on the scalp after using styling products.

Peeling Hair should be carried out twice a week, but the frequency of its application depends to a large extent on the personal need.

In order to carry out this procedure does not necessarily refer to the master in the cabin, because the head and peeling can be done at home, using either self-prepared tools or store bought.

How to peel the scalp?

To make the peeling of the available tools, you will need either salt or sugar.

  1. Salt peeling scalp. 1, Art. l. diluted salt 3 tbsp. l. or oils, or hair balm. Selecting a dilution bases depends on what type of hair are. If they quickly zhirneyut , then you should use a hair conditioner. If the hair is dry, then it is necessary to dilute the salt and butter. Preferably choose extra virgin olive oil: it has a mass of useful properties, as well as an ideal density. Mixing the ingredients, their rubbed into the scalp (hair must be wet) for 5 minutes, and then rinsed with warm water.
  2. Sugar peeling. Peeling of sugar more sparing. It is prepared in the same proportion as the salt. If your hair is prone to hair loss, it is better to stop the choice on sugar peeling, as saharinki less damage the scalp and quickly
    Peeling Scalp
  3. Finished cosmetic products for peeling scalp

If there is no desire to do the peeling by hand, we can take a ready means.

For example, the company Schwarzkopf in his professional series Bonacure offers mint peeling hair. Peppermint extract stimulates blood circulation, and fine solid particles gently exfoliate the stratum corneum. As a result, the hair grows faster because of the acceleration of cell renewal.

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