Rolls with cucumber

Rolls with cucumber

Rolls - delicious national Japanese cuisine. One of the varieties are rolls with cucumber, which have a low calorie and taste.

How to prepare rolls with cucumber?

Here is a simple recipe for rolls with cucumber for self-catering.


  • kruglozernisty white rice - 3 tbsp. spoons;
  • salted salmon fillet - several bands;
  • fresh (better greenhouse) or pickle - 1 pc .;
  • sheet of nori (seaweed pressed) sushi - of the sheet;
  • rice vinegar - 2 teaspoons;.
  • some sugar and salt.

Also, you will need:

  • a sharp knife;
  • cutting board;
  • Bamboo napkin;
  • food film.


How to make stuffing for rolls with cucumber? First, boil and carefully wash rice. Divorce in rice vinegar, sugar and salt, rice impregnate the resulting solution. Then with a sharp knife on a cutting board cut the long strips of salmon.

Take a cucumber, cut off at both ends of the vegetable, cut it into 2 halves. Gently teaspoon vyskrebyvaem middle of a cucumber (flesh with seeds). Cut the cucumber long narrow strips.

Bamboo napkin wrapped with cling film, put it on the elevator plate (it is necessary that she was lying on the glossy side of the napkin). Wetting your hands with warm water and spread a thin layer of rice on the sheet-floor elevator, departing from the edges of 1.5 cm. On top of rice have strips of fish and cut strips of cucumber.

Twist the elevator filled with the help of a bamboo napkin in a roll, with the napkin should not get inside the folded tube.

Bamboo napkin remove. Cut with a sharp knife from the resulting tube rolls: divide the tube in half, each half still divide into halves, quarters resulting divide in half again. With careful work of a single tube turns 8 equally sized rolls.

So you can treat loved ones a wonderful dish - rolls with cucumbers.

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