How to treat a boil?

How to treat a boil?

When there is a boil on the body, many do not know how to treat it. Affliction is a purulent inflammation of the sac surrounding the hair root and surrounding tissues. Sharp striking a process called pyogenic bacteria - staphylococcus.

The main feature of the disease is that it can not appear in places where hair does not grow - on the feet and hands. It occurs only on parts of the body where there is a corresponding follicles. Most often it is:

  • face;
  • small of the back;
  • arms;
  • legs;
  • buttocks.

Than to treat boils on the body?

First of all, the appearance of the disease plays an important role good antiseptic treatment of skin areas that are close to inflammation. Likewise, there is treatment and formed a boil. Ointments and lotions that provoke breach of the upper layer of the skin and pus surfacing. In addition, you must use high-quality and strong anti-inflammatory agents.

If the disease appears on the face, neck, or face complications process, it is desirable to pass a course of antibiotics, which are considered the most effective against staphylococcal infections. In the case when the disease interferes with a normal life, appointed by autohemotherapy.

How to treat a boil on his neck?

Inflammation, which appeared on the neck, it is considered dangerous and is painful, as this part of the body takes an active part in human life. If nothing to do with the disease, it may take a chronic form, and spread to the next sections.

When the boil on the neck, it is advisable to consult a doctor, because each day of delay increases the likelihood of spreading the disease. Current disease is always accompanied by a significant pain in the area of inflammation. And when complications, the discomfort becomes unbearable.

One of the most common treatments considered purulent rod removal by surgery. The operation is performed under anesthesia. Within a few days after the procedure is necessary to handle the wound with the help of ichthyol ointment . This speeds up the healing process and prevent relapse.

The most effective method is considered to antibiotic therapy, because it acts faster than the other. Of course, the inflammation is easier to warn, than cure. Therefore, it is desirable to eat right and follow the personal hygiene.

How to treat a boil on his back?

In case of purulent inflammation in the back, it is necessary to apply an antibacterial agent and close the bandage or plaster to prevent infection. The procedure should be repeated three times a day, before the opening of the abscess. Then, the contents removed, and the wound is treated with antiseptic. This should be repeated until they are healed.

It is believed that most painful back boils and problematic. The fact is that in this area of the body root abscess penetrates deeper into the remaining places. In addition, there are certain disadvantages in the application of dressings.

To speed up the process of the upper gap

How to treat a boil?
the skin layer is applied to the affected area warm compresses. The main thing - to constantly maintain a certain temperature, which contributes to a breakthrough. Thereafter, the wound is treated with antiseptic and closed with sterile bandage.

How to treat a boil at home?

Everyone knows that the best treatment is to prevent the disease. To avoid festering boils on the body, you must adhere to proper nutrition, to follow the personal hygiene, and monitor the quality of wearable clothes. And to provide treatment to doctors.

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