Why scratched back?

Why scratched back?

Itching body is the cause of physical and mental discomfort. Of particular concern is the state when the constantly heavily scratched back. To know the opinion of experts as to why this is happening.

Pathological causes itching back

Identifying the causes of itching is necessary to effectively get rid of unpleasant sensations. In addition, dermatologists believe that one can not ignore the problem of itching flesh also because it is the most pronounced symptom of a number of infectious diseases. The most common causes of itching are:

  1. Allergy - increased reactivity to certain foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. Atopic dermatitis appears as a small rash, blisters and swelling.
  2. Neurodermatitis - a disease neuro-allergic etiology. Body suddenly appear as small papules plaques, which can burst and form a long spot passing.
  3. Scabies - a contagious disease caused by the problem of parasitism on the skin itch mite. A characteristic feature of the disease - increased itching in the evening and at night. It was at this time of day the microscopic parasites are activated and lay new tunnels in the skin epidermis.
  4. Infectious skin lesions with the formation of pimples and pustules. The most common dermatological pruritus accompanies such infections like folliculitis , impego.
  5. Xeroderma. If the back is permanently or periodically scratched in one place, it is necessary to carefully examine the skin with the help of a double mirror. Most likely, you will notice a problem in the peeling and redness of the area in the form of spots. Thus hereditary disease manifests dermatoxerasia.
  6. Impaired function of the sebaceous glands leads to seborrhea - diseases associated with excessive production of sebaceous secretion and changes in its chemical composition. Visually, the skin look thicker and shinier, while they are the mouth of the glands is especially noticeable. Much less common dry seborrhea, when the top layer of the skin noticeably thinner, scaly and itchy so.
  7. Fungal diseases, mainly lichen planus.
  8. Psoriasis. The silver-whitish itchy patches on the body, including the back, characteristic of this chronic autoimmune disease.

Why scratched back in the area of the blades?

Often back itches in the blades. Constant itching in the shoulder area indicates the development of the following diseases:

  • iron deficiency anemia and other blood diseases;
  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • diabetes;
  • liver disease, gall bladder and biliary tract;
  • neurotic states.
Non-pathological causes of itching

It is not always the cause of the itch back are disease. So back may be scratched:

  • sunburn;
  • due to biting insects (mosquitoes, bugs, etc.);
  • Why scratched back?
  • due to age-related physiological changes in the body in the elderly.

Despite the abundance of body care products, some unscrupulous people back and other body parts are scratched, because they do not observe basic hygiene rules. Fortunately, the sheer disregard for the rules of human coexistence is rare. But the wrong choice of hygiene, without taking into account the skin type - a phenomenon quite common. Therefore, if you purchase a new facility for the care of the body, is not acquainted with the pre-supplied installation instructions, do not be surprised if after a bath or shower you scratched back and other body parts.

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