Wen on his neck

Wen on his neck

Lipoma or wen is a good-quality education, which is made up of fat cells clusters. It is sheathed in connective cells, therefore does not violate the structure of the surrounding tissue, and does not affect the work of the bodies, which are located nearby. This new growth is not a threat to life and health, but it is noticeable cosmetic defect. For example, a wen on his neck is not only clearly visible, but also prevents wear certain types of clothing and accessories, jewelry, especially if the lipoma has impressive dimensions.

Reasons for under the skin on the neck formation Wen

Definitely these factors have contributed to the growth of subcutaneous lipid formation difficult. There are many theories that suggest a possible causes of Wen. Among them, it is worth noting the following options:

  • heredity in an autosomal dominant manner;
  • disorders of protein or lipid metabolism;
  • pituitary disease;
  • dysfunction of the sebaceous glands in the neck;
  • soft tissue injury, which resulted in a deterioration of the local metabolic processes;
  • activation of fat cells activity;
  • hormonal imbalance in women;
  • long-term progressive diabetes;
  • accumulation of salts due to improper diet;
  • deterioration removing toxins and free radicals from the body;
  • infections of the central nervous system;
  • consequences of traumatic brain injury;
  • hypothalamic diseases.

It should be noted that to eliminate lipoma is not necessary to know the causes. It is enough to have an idea about trends tumors to grow and its speed.

How to get rid of the oil lamp on the neck by traditional methods?

Conservative medicine usually involves surgical removal of fat cells cluster together with the capsule.

There are several methods of conducting such operations. Today, such methods are practiced removal of the oil lamp on the neck:

  1. Laser impact. Lipoma actually evaporates under a directed beam of ionized particles. The risk of relapse is almost zero after the procedure is not defects.
  2. Classic excision. The operation is the cross-section of the skin over wen scalpel and mechanically squeezing the contents of a lipoma, after which the surgeon scrapes and the capsule itself.
  3. Aspiration puncture. During the procedure, fat tissue is sucked through a special needle (liposuction). The main drawback of this method - the shell remains under the skin, which does not exclude the risk of recurrent tumors growth.

There is also a way to treat a small fatty tumor on the neck (less than 3 cm in diameter), without resorting to surgery. To do this directly in the lipoid tissue injection is administered a drug that promotes gradual resorption of lipomas. Typically, during the subsequent 3 months formation completely disappears.

Wen Treatment of folk remedies in the neck

It is undesirable to attempt to get rid of lipomas as well as any impact on the wen are irritants and can trigger inflammation it.

Traditional methods acceptable to use only with permission of a doctor in the case of very small tumors. For example, sometimes

Wen on his neck
It helps compress on the basis of onions.

Recipe bandages from Wen


  • onion - 1 pc .;
  • soap (dark, 72%) - 50 g

Preparation and Application

Bake the onion in the oven, then chop. Soap grate and mix with the onion mass. The resulting composition of the bandage to the lipoma. Change the compress every day, three times a day, until complete disappearance of the oil lamp.

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