Scrub coffee grounds in the home

Scrub coffee grounds in the home

Natural coffee can become not only a refreshing morning drink. Coffee grounds - it is also a great cosmetic for cleansing the skin. She has a good pull-up and excellent exfoliating and even help stop the aging of cells.

Useful properties of scrub coffee grounds

Coffee beans - a storehouse of natural antioxidants, which have amazing anti-aging effect. That is why do scrub coffee grounds in the home is very useful for owners of aging skin. Weekly deep cleansing pore is necessary in order that the skin had a matte finish and a healthy glow. Using a coffee scrub, you can achieve this. It penetrates into the deeper layers of the epidermis, tones up the cells and forms a great barrier against various adverse external influences.

Scrub through the coffee grounds helps to:

  • smoothing of wrinkles ;
  • increase skin elasticity;
  • enhance collagen synthesis;
  • eliminate yellowing of the skin.

But this cosmetic product can not be applied to all. It is strictly forbidden to use the coffee scrub at:

  • severe skin diseases;
  • allergies coffee (in any of its form);
  • too delicate and sensitive skin.
Terms of use of a scrub of coffee grounds

To scrub coffee grounds for the face and body made a positive effect, it is necessary to follow a few rules of its application:

  1. Use this remedy is recommended no more than 2 times a week.
  2. You are the owner of normal or dry skin? You can apply for the preparation of a scrub any coffee grounds. But for those who have oily skin, it is best to use only finely ground coffee.
  3. Before you make a scrub of coffee grounds, skin need to clean the skin (foam or toner) and steam it.

Apply it is possible to take care of a skin of the face and body, as well as separately for the dcollet, elbows, knees, feet and neck. After applying the scrub, to do a good massage. Thus, the scrub can absorb everything dead cells. Wash it means only water.

The best recipes of the scrub coffee grounds

If you have very dry skin and you want to gently cleanse and moisturize it well, make a scrub for face and body of the coffee grounds and oatmeal on this recipe:

  1. Mix 20 g of fine coffee grounds with 20 g sour cream (low-fat) or homemade yogurt.
  2. Add a mixture of 30 g of milled oat flakes.
  3. Evenly distribute the scrub on the skin and gently massage it for 3 minutes.

Scrub of coffee grounds on cellulite is best done with iodized sea salt. To prepare it:

  1. Mix coffee and salt in a proportion 2 to 1.
  2. Add a mixture of 15 g sour cream (for very dry skin) or 15 g yorgurta (for oily skin).

Steaming the skin after application of such funds should be massaged at least 8 minutes, but very carefully to avoid injury.

Excellent anti-cellulite scrub obtained from coffee grounds and a variety of essential oils. Make it 10 g sour cream, 15 grams of coffee and 2-3 drops of citrus oil, needles, cinnamon,

Scrub coffee grounds in the home
thyme, geranium, clove, ginger, rose, rosemary or lavender.

You have normal or oily skin type? You perfect coffee and honey scrub. To do it:

  1. Mix 10 grams 10 grams coffee nourishing cream and 10 g honey.
  2. Before you cook the coffee ground scrub, honey need a little warm up on water bath.

Well it moisturizes and rejuvenates the coffee and cheesecake scrub. Do it from the coffee cake 20 grams and 20 grams of cottage cheese (fat). The mixture prepared by the recipe can be used not only as a peeling. It will be a great and a mask if you leave it on the body or the face for 10 minutes.

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