Thermal Hair

Thermal Hair

Each of us, girls want to have beautiful, shiny, well-groomed hair. We dry them hairdryer, and laid curling irons, hot curlers curl on. At the same time, we rarely think what harm is caused to the hair. In order to be beautiful, and not to harm her curls use a thermal protection for the hair.

What is thermal protection for the hair?

This is a special group of cosmetic products that will help you protect your hair from thermal effects. The main components of the thermal protection means is silicone, which has a unique effect of bad conduct heat.

If you have used irons, you should be sure to use similar means. You must first wash your hair, then dry them in cool air hairdryer mode. Then apply a means, which forms a protective film on the entire length of hair.

Thermal hair by ironing is in the form of emulsions, salves, and special funds with a note "for laying utjuzhkom", which seemed to lock moisture inside the hair, which prevents from excessive drying. You must always use such means every hair styling.

Today it is not difficult to find the right products for hair thermal protection. They are divided into washable (shampoo, mask) and indelible (spray, fluid, emulsion, etc.). They protect the hair, make it smooth and shiny hair tips and help to stay alive and not section.

If you have thin hair, then you need the thermal protection for fine hair. Use oil for hair for thermal protection. Oil is produced from natural raw fruit with the addition of vitamins that have an excellent effect on fine hair. In its high content of natural substances that enhance, restore and protect the hair. The oil is recommended to apply starting from the tip, and then the entire length. It is quickly absorbed, does not leave the hair feeling greasy. Not washing the oil, you can style your hair curling or pressing.

Home remedies

Means of thermal protection can be done at home. But it soon may be called restorative masks, but not by means of thermal protection.

Take a tablespoon of vegetable oil, a tablespoon of liquid honey, 1 egg. All the mix. Apply the mixture on your hair, put on plastic cap and wrap a warm towel. Keep want from an hour or more. Then, wash your hair and apply a balm.


But still, it is better to use a professional thermal protection for the hair.

At the moment, it offers many resources. Let us discuss some of them in detail.

Estel - spray fluid for thermal protection. Spray provides an easy fit, gives the hair shine, does not weigh down hair. It can be used on dry and wet hair. Fluid creates a microfilm on the entire surface of the hair that protects against overheating, when you make yourself unique locks.

Wella - strong hold spray that will reliably protect your hair using a curling iron or ironing. Apply to dry hair.

Cream High Hair Sleek Wonder strong hold for taming unruly hair with straightening.

Thermal Hair

All products of the company have an antistatic effect.

L'Oreal - nourishing smoothing cream that gives hair a fantastic shine and silkiness.

Series Force Vector fragile, thin and weakened hair.

The funds from the company GA.MA - spray containing silk proteins. It is used when using curling irons, hair dryer or ironing. Possible to use both wet and dry hair.

Means for hair thermal release also companies such as Schwarzkopf, Dove, Syoss.

What better thermal protection for the hair, you decide. One piece of advice: use hair care a full line of one company, ranging from shampoos, conditioners, hair spray and finishing agents for thermal protection. Therefore, hair care is more effective.

Take care of your hair, pamper them because they make you beautiful and unique.

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