Pink spots on the skin

Pink spots on the skin

Different spots on the skin occurred at least once each. The reason for their formation may be insect bites, allergic reaction, the constant emotional stress. Appeared suddenly pink spots on the skin can not be ignored, because of their nature may be different, and some may even pose a great danger to health.

Why does the skin appear pink spots?

The most common factors causing the appearance of pathological formations on the skin are:

  • failure of the hormone system;
  • problems with internal organs;
  • poor nutrition;
  • viral, bacterial and fungal diseases (measles, scarlet fever, herpes);
  • rubella , where the rash covers the first face, and then the whole body.

The appearance of pink spots on the skin that do not itch, can also be attributed to the expansion of blood vessels, which is a consequence of nerve experiences. If you experience anger, fear, shame or resentment spots can cover the neck, face and chest.

Pink spot with a red border on the skin

This rash affects patients pink lichen . This disease occurs most often in women. The exact cause of the pathology is not revealed, but we know that it is formed against the backdrop of a sharp drop in immunity in spring and autumn.

The appearance of round pink spots on the skin is the first symptom of the disease. First, there is one spot, usually on the back or chest. Face and neck when this illness is usually not affected. Then, after seven to ten days, hips, shoulders, chest and back sprinkle some oval plaque with a diameter less than 1 cm. It should be noted that the central part of the skin scaly pink patches, plaques but hardly scratched. After about five weeks they are fully tested.

Sometimes the disease is confused with ringworm, but the use of antifungal agents do not give positive results.

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