Itchy pimples on the body

Itchy pimples on the body

Any rashes, especially for no apparent reason, should be cause for concern, because the skin reflects the state of internal organs and systems. If itchy pimples on the body, which appeared suddenly and spread to neighboring areas, you need to immediately take care of your health, consult a dermatologist and pass a number of tests required.

Body small pimples and they are itching

Similarly, to determine the cause of the problem is possible only after consulting a doctor and a thorough examination. But to assume a provocative factor possible, and by the presence of characteristic symptoms.

The main reasons for appearing and itching pimples on the body:

  • eczema of different origins;
  • dermatitis, neurodermatitis;
  • allergic rashes;
  • emotional stress, exposure to stress;
  • hives ;
  • irritation after using improper hygiene and color cosmetics;
  • reaction to hypothermia;
  • wearing synthetic clothing;
  • intoxication;
  • keratoses;
  • hormonal imbalances, including the restructuring of pregnancy and during the menopause;
  • exposure to UV rays.

Also, if the body itch small pimples, it may indicate a bacterial skin infection. Typically, infection characterized by the presence of pus formations, some soreness and vospalennnost elements.

Large pimples on the body itch

In addition to the above reasons, the pathology, it may provoke living organisms:

  • insect bites (mosquitoes, fleas, wasps, bees);
  • mite infestation (scabies, demodex ).

In the first case the treatment is not difficult and is regular, frequent treatment of damaged areas.

The second factor involves thorough comprehensive therapy aimed at the destruction of adults and juveniles, as well as the eggs and larvae of mites.

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