Acne on the neck - Causes

Acne on the neck - Causes

The reasons for the appearance of acne on the neck a lot, but the result in the end one - the external aesthetic appearance of skin rashes spoiled. Hence there are many complexes that affect mood and mental state.

Acne generally can occur in anyone, regardless of the number of years lived or gender. This disease is common not only in the transition to adulthood, but also in people after thirty. Stress, nervous stress or mental illness can also trigger inflammation.

Causes of small pimples on the neck

Small pimples on the neck caused by the problem of hygiene compliance. With increased allocation of sebum, pore blockage occurs, which contributes to the appearance of red rashes. Therefore, the neck, like a person who requires careful daily washing with warm water and antibacterial lotion.

Another reason for the appearance of small spots in the neck is approaching menstrual syndrome. In this case, emptying time, and disappear immediately after the cessation of menstruation.

Small pimples on the neck can cause severe itching. It is important to restrain yourself from scratching the skin, to avoid the spread of inflammation, which can cause the appearance of acne is not only the front of the neck, and back under the hair.

It is necessary to know about the condition of the skin of his close relatives, as a major role among the causes of acne heredity plays a factor in the neck.

Purulent pimples on the neck and their causes

This type of rash can be identified by the presence of the high content of pus in the center of the pimple. Self-squeezing is strictly not recommended not to carry infection, which can only exacerbate the inflammatory process. Only a dermatologist, after a thorough examination of the neck skin, can carry out the procedure of removal of education.

If the neck formed purulent acne, the causes of their occurrence can be:

  • subcutaneous mite;
  • Dysfunction of hormones;
  • colds;
  • infection;
  • indigestion intestine;
  • excessive use of strong coffee or tea.

If the inflammation triggered by hormonal disorders, then you should contact an internal survey to the doctor-endocrinologist. Specialist, conducted a series of laboratory tests, will determine hormone that provoked crash. Further internal and external drug treatment can help to eliminate this cause of acne on the neck.

Causes of subcutaneous acne on the neck

Subcutaneous acne on the neck are formed mostly due to diseases of internal organs. Rashes can occur if there are problems on the part of:

  • bowel or stomach;
  • endocrine system;
  • pancreas;
  • liver;
  • kidney.

Subcutaneous spot can be determined by formation of the densified skin portion of the red color. Its size varies from a few millimeters, but may be achieved during ripening five centimeters. Even small subcutaneous acne on the neck are distinguished by their tenderness on pressure.

To get rid of the causes of subcutaneous acne on the neck, it is necessary to monitor the balance and diet. It is recommended to adhere to a strict diet, eliminating allergenic foods, which may cause the inflammation. It should not use:

  • Acne on the neck - Causes
  • chocolate;
  • honey;
  • confectionery;
  • spicy dishes;
  • strawberries;
  • citrus fruit;
  • salted fish;
  • alcoholic beverages.

It is also important to visit a therapist to determine the expert internal causes that can provoke subcutaneous acne on the neck. Treat the identified diseases of the organs can be sure that the rash will no longer bother.

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