Acne on the back - Causes

Acne on the back - Causes

Not long ago, a rash on the skin of the back were considered purely a teenage problem. This disease has now become disturb women of all ages. The resulting spots on the back leads to the emergence of complexes as wearing an open dress or sundress, you begin to worry that others will notice a rash on the skin.

Before you start to treat acne on his back appearance of the problem, identify the reasons for which they appeared.

Causes of purulent acne on his back

Purulent pimples on your back often formed due to the excessive use of:

  • soft drinks;
  • chocolates;
  • bakery products;
  • spicy seasonings to dishes;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • salted fish;
  • fast food.

You can easily avoid these rashes, if you exclude from your diet foods that contain carbohydrates:

  • sugar;
  • semolina;
  • honey;
  • sweets;
  • pasta;
  • potatoes.

Causes subcutaneous acne on his back

Worth to note that the cause of subcutaneous acne on the back is a constant toe garment of synthetic materials. It recommended to wear cotton T-shirt or t-shirts, which are not fitting closely to the body to prevent skin rashes.

Do not forget about the main reason, of which there are not only the acne on the back, but other serious diseases. It:

  • nervous stress;
  • stress ;
  • prolonged depression;
  • bad mood.

Be sure to control your emotions so you do not face the problem of formation of lesions.

Owners of long hair should always monitor their cleanliness, as contamination would entail yet another cause of subcutaneous acne on his back.

Causes of small red spots on the back

On the back is a large number of sebaceous ducts, and if you do not regularly take water treatments, then there is blockage of the pores. This is the reason for the appearance of small red spots on the back.

With daily bathing using only personal washcloths, shower gels and hygiene. Even applying one another's towel can be a long time to get red spots on the back. If you visit the sports training, after each session is required to take a shower.

In summer, during the sunbathing on the beach, do not forget to use sunscreen, as direct sunlight may be another reason for the appearance of small red spots on the back. To avoid this, try to be saved from a long stay in the sun.

The internal causes of acne on his back

The main internal causes of acne on your back are:

  • reduction of vitamins in the body;
  • changes in the reproductive system;
  • transferred miscarriage or abortion;
  • digestive system diseases;
  • ulcer;
  • gastritis ;
  • violation of pancreatic function.

In addition, it is worth to consider that pimples on the back can occur because of failure or breach of hormone levels. If there was a dysfunction of the endocrine system, the rash does not take long to wait.

Acne on the back - Causes

Heredity also plays a role among the causes of the constant appearance of acne on the back. If there is a genetic predisposition to the rash, the disease that is difficult to pass.

But to find out the exact cause of acne lesions on the back, should consult on internal reception to the dermatologist. After they conducted surveys will be assigned to qualified treatment.

The difficulty of the treatment of these lesions is that of education are in the wrong place - behind his back. Therefore, after the appointment for treatment rubs should seek help from family members.

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