Red scaly patches on the body

Red scaly patches on the body

The appearance on the body of red scaly patches causes understandable concern: after all, the reason for their appearance is not clear, and can be very serious. In fact, rashes and spots often signal the internal disease, hormonal disorders, or allergic reactions. Try to understand what the symptoms of diseases and pathological changes in the body are red scaly patches on the body.

The causes of red spots

Atopic dermatitis

The most common cause of itchy red spots is allergies. Allergens can be chocolate, honey, nuts, citrus, carbonated beverages, alcohol, etc. If you have an allergy to any product or perfume and cosmetic product should be abandoned. Sometimes a rash appears in violation of the diet. In this case, you should adjust your diet, giving up fatty, spicy, fried food.

Infectious diseases

Small scaly spots on the body are characteristic of certain infectious diseases, such as:

  • chickenpox ;
  • measles;
  • scarlet fever;
  • rubella;
  • meningitis;
  • hepatitis.

As the rash recovery taper off, generally leaving no trace.


A frequent cause of unsightly reddish spots on the body, which are also peel and itch are fungal diseases. According to the location and appearance formations dermatologist determines the kind of fungus, but for more accurate determination of the nature of mycosis, and hence the necessary therapy, it is desirable to deliver a skin scraping. Common fungal diseases are:

  • pityriasis versicolor, wherein the spots are concentrated at the chest and back;
  • inguinal tinea with the formation of spots with rounded edges (papules), formed in the groin and inner thighs;
  • lichen planus with red and purple spots in the form of bumps, hitting both the skin and scalp, nails, mucous membranes.

Pink zoster

Similar to mycosis pink shingles is a viral disease. He called herpes 6th or 7th type. The disease manifests itself in the form of round spots on the body, which are shelled and unbearably itchy. pink lichen Treatment is carried out with antivirals.

seborrheic eczema

Red scaly patches on the body

The result of inadequate skin care, hormonal disorders, stress is seborrheic dermatitis , which manifests itself in the form of spotty skin inflammation. In some cases, the disease is hereditary.


If the skin on the body flakes stained pink with whitish scales, it becomes thicker in the affected areas and scratched - it is a sign of psoriasis. The illness has an autoimmune cause is not entirely clear to modern science. Treatment appointed a dermatologist will help neutralize some manifestations of serious disease.

Caution Self skin diseases have consequences. An accurate diagnosis of the disease will establish a doctor after the examination.

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