Skin Care in sporty style

Skin Care in sporty style

Regular exercise, especially in the fresh air - a pledge not only a good physical shape and the normal functioning of the body, but also good appearance, skin health. However, along with this, every physical activity is a kind of stress for the skin, because with it with greater force by external factors (dust, temperature changes, wind, solar radiation, etc.). In view of this it is clear that athletes need special skin care.

What happens to the skin during exercise?

When physical exercise heart works more actively, so that, in the first place, increasing blood circulation and metabolism. At the same time the skin, being one of the largest excretory organs, stimulates the secretory activity, intensively releasing waste products - sweat and sebum. Together with them distinguished from the pores of toxins, salt and water, enhanced microcirculation in the skin, increasing its temperature.

Recommendations for skin care in sports

Before proceeding to the sport, it is necessary to prepare for this skin.

  1. First of all, during exercise, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned, especially of makeup that prevents skin respiration. Be sure to carry out the procedure to cleanse the face before visiting the sports club and even ordinary jogging.
  2. The second step is the preparation of skin moistening. Since during exercise the entire body, including the skin loses a lot of fluid, it is necessary to replenish these losses - both externally and internally. Before you start the course, after purging, use a moisturizing fluid or gel - tools with a light texture, water-based, which quickly soak and not clog pores. During training, you can periodically spray the face thermal water .
  3. Internally replenishing fluid loss, water (preferably brackish without gas) should be drunk as during exercise, and after it (after normalization of the pulse).
  4. In winter sports, always use protective creams for the face. Also on the street is necessary to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, so it is advisable to use the funds from the UV-filters.
  5. While exercising, try as little as possible to touch your hands to face to with not carry the bacteria. Use paper disposable wipes, to wet face with sweat. It is also desirable to have a special gum-rim (bandage) - to keep hair and sweat absorption.
  6. After the sports person should immediately wash his slug of warm water with a mild detergent with antiseptic ingredients that do not contain soap. After that the person should be thoroughly dry and apply moisturizer again.
  7. Special care is needed when swimming lessons or other water sports. As a rule, the pool water is disinfected with chlorine-containing agents that negatively affect the skin. In this case, more care needs skin is not only a person but
    Skin Care in sporty style
    and the whole body. Be sure to take a shower before and after visiting the pool and use the intensively moisturizing cream. If the facial skin is dry, you can apply baby cream in front of the pool as a protection.
  8. During the aggressive cosmetic procedures for the face, especially the cabin ( chemical peels , dermabrasion, etc.), it should be for a few days to give up exercise to the skin have not experienced a double stress. Such procedures can not be done after a short period of time after exercise, when the vessels are in the "steaming" state, and after the elections should refrain from sports for 2 -3 days.

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