Keratin Hair

Keratin Hair

In today's world, the number of funds offered for hair care, different ways to restore them, giving volume and shine is growing every day. Among the relatively new techniques become increasingly popular use of drugs with keratin hair.

First, consider what is this substance is and how keratin affects the hair.

Keratin - a complex protein that is found in hair, nails, skin, teeth, and in the horns and hooves of animals. Hair keratin consist of more than 85%. But people generally deal with this protein are already on dead cells. Freshly formed cells push them outwards, being a kind of a protective layer.

If the death of keratin is too intense, and hair exposed to different traumatic factors, they become dry, brittle and unkempt. In this case, an additional layer of keratin, which can be obtained using a variety of cosmetic means and additional protection will give your hair a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

Harmful if keratin hair?

One of the most common procedures using a keratin keratin hair straightening . As mentioned above, a natural keratin protein contained in the hair, therefore in itself may cause harm.

Rumors related to the possible harm from the procedure arose because when keratin hair straightening of the agent used, which should provide deeper penetration of the keratin in the hair can include formaldehyde. This substance is accumulated in the body and is toxic at certain concentrations.

Strengthening hair keratin

Consider how you can use keratin hair:

1. Mask for hair with keratin. It is considered one of the best methods to strengthen and restore hair. Keratin hair mask can now be bought in almost any drugstore or specialty store. But we should note that most of these masks contain hydrolyzed (actually - milled) keratin, the effect of which is not too significant. Masks made of keratin with the "integral" molecules are rarer and more expensive. Also in this case, actually coats the hair keratin, and it can significantly heavier.

The most famous mask: Keratin Active company "Vitex», Selectiv Amino keratin and Joico firm mask - a series of k-pak for damaged and weakened hair. The structure of masks "Vitex" and includes only Selectiv hydrolyzed keratin, and they are not suitable for all types of hair. Also, particularly in the case of masks Selectiv, complaints arise because silicone contained in the composition, which can weigh down the hair. Means are Joico line professional cosmetics and more expensive, and some of them are not only contains hydrolyzed, but solid keratin molecules.

2. balm with keratin hair. These tools are generally applied to wet hair after shampooing and left for 7-10 minutes and then rinsed with warm water. There are also balms, which are used as an additional protective agent. They do not need to wash off.

Among balsams-conditioners, the most popular Balsam-conditioner by L'Oreal, Syoss balm and firms mentioned above series Joico k-pak. Syoss terms of price and volume is more budget, but less effective option.

3. Serum for hair with keratin. Usually a fairly thick liquid, which, however, it is easily distributed through the hair. Such serum can be used both separately and to enhance the effect of the mask with keratin.

Available most common "Vitex" company serum. Other brands almost common and can be purchased at professional salons or on foreign websites.

Features of keratin hair

  1. How to apply the keratin in the hair?. Means with the keratin should be applied over the entire length because
    Keratin Hair
    They have smooth scales, whereby the hair look more manicured.
  2. How to wash keratin hair?. In the case of the use of masks and balms with keratin, which is required to wash off, it is best to use only warm water. Shampoo can wash out of the hair caused by keratin, but the effect of it will be gone. When keratin hair straightening, if there was a need for one or another reason to get rid of the damage keratin shampoo can be used for deep cleansing shampoo or peeling. Although in most cases, if after keratin straightening hair can not be color or other problems arise, usually the reason is not keratin, but left after the silicone solution procedures that can wash tar soap .

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