Various skin injuries such as cuts, bruises and burns, usually lead to the formation of scars. These problems seem to be very unsightly, cause emotional discomfort, especially if placed on the visible and visible parts of the body. Fortunately, today there are many methods to eliminate such defects, both conservative and more radical.

How can I carry out the removal of scars?

For different types of scars following types of actions are applied:

  • cosmetic procedures;
  • applying medicines;
  • surgical intervention.

Naturally, the scar after the removal of a small mole or scar is hardly noticeable is not necessary to remove the cardinal methods for this solution to conservative or traditional medicine. More global changes of the skin, of course, be subject to duration of the procedure in the office beautician or effects through hardware technology.

Scar on face

Many familiar with this problem as a post-acne. This small scars and scars that are not too noticeable, but combine to create an uneven surface of the skin and significantly spoil her appearance. To remove this kind of scars on his face special chemical and acid peels are used. Commonly used procedures with the median exposure depth thus must be made less peelings 10-14 for 4-6 months.

The deeper the scars are removed by means of special injections with corticosteroids. The drug is injected directly at the defect area and stimulates the production of new skin cells, the formation of fibers. If the effect is to get fast, apply the so-called fillers. These substances also fall within the skin by injection, but almost immediately the surface is smoothed. It should be noted that the fillers have only a temporary effect, that acts only 3-4 months.

The means for removing scars

Quite large and fresh scars amenable to treatment using local medicinal drugs, and perhaps even removal of postoperative scars. In this case, you should be patient, as the result will appear only after the systematic course, is usually 3-4 months. In addition, the need to apply the medication daily and on a regular basis, according to the doctor's orders or instructions.

Cream and ointment for the removal of scars

We picked up a list of the most effective creams and ointments that help eliminate skin defects:

  • Contractubex;
  • Spenko;
  • Dermatiks;
  • liquid silicone ointment collodion;
  • Zeraderm Ultra;
  • Kelofibraza.

Laser removal of scars

This technique is also called resurfacing the skin, it is intense and regular removal of the top layer of the epidermis (combustion) using a laser beam selected wavelength. results

laser scar removal visible after 2-3 treatments.

Among the drawbacks of the method it is worth noting the subsequent redness and severe peeling of the skin, the need to protect it from ultraviolet radiation and high cost of the procedure.

Scar at home

In addition to conventional methods, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine:

  1. Lemon juice to impose a fine gauze compresses soaked in lemon juice, into areas with scars several times a day.
  2. Shredded cucumber used as a 15-minute mask defects in each day.
  3. Med applied several times a day in a thin layer on each scar. Med must be natural.
  4. A paste of sandalwood smear scars 4-5 times a day and leave on the skin until dry, rinse with warm water.

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