Dry body skin

Dry body skin

Dry skin of the body becomes a big problem especially in winter. Those women who have the nature of a dry skin type, may complain to the cold periods of the fact that the whole body skin is prone to peeling, creasing, and is unattractive.

However, aesthetic reasons - not only of those which should solve the problem as soon as possible. The fact that the de-moisturized dry skin is prone to wrinkles, dry skin and if you have become the norm in a few years we can expect a loss of elasticity, laxity and wrinkles.

To tackle the treatment of dry skin of the body, you need to understand the real reasons behind it.

Causes of dry body skin

The answer to the question why there is a dry skin on the body, comes from the assessment of several factors:

  1. Genetic component - if the mother or grandmother had normal skin, under certain conditions it can become dry without the influence of external factors, it will be the cause of dry skin.
  2. Hygiene component - if you do not follow the rules of hygiene and do not use scrubs and a rigid sponge , it can also lead to dry skin.
  3. Chemical component - the use of skin care products that contain harsh chemical ingredients, can disrupt the balance of the fat in the skin.

Genetic factor

So, very dry body skin occurs primarily at those who for genetic reasons is the holder of a normal (and in winter dry) skin.

The fact that the activity of the sebaceous glands in the different seasons different in intensity. As the cold season the body does not feel the need for cooling (which is carried out in a hot time with sweat and sebaceous glands), accordingly, the sebaceous glands are not as active.

Dry body skin

This causes dryness of the skin, if all the other items are not accompanied by violations. Besides, we all know that skin hydration in the winter should be at least half an hour before people come out into the street, because otherwise, hydrated skin is weathered and damaged. Thus, the decrease in the activity of the sebaceous glands in the winter and dry skin - it is a natural protective reaction of the organism.

hygiene factor

If the skin is not cleaned on time, the accumulation of dead cells is formed on its surface, which are felt as dry skin, because they are not resilient and have lost their function. Therefore, if you ignore the periodic peeling, it can lead to dry skin and the body to itch, accompanied by an active peeling.

Chemical factor

Unfortunately, a wide range of cosmetic products is not only a certain appeal, but the problem - many manufacturers are hoping that their facility will attract the attention of the bright packaging and competent advertising rather than quality, leading to what is put on the production of shower gels It consists of cheap, noxious and aggressive chemicals. Consumerism is not reduced by this by regularly updating the packaging, smell and color of the gel because due to the buyer's advertisements again and again convince us that the gel is much better than the previous one, although its composition has not changed in contrast to the appearance.

The use of such shower gel leads to the fact that it can not be used without a cream for the body, because after 10 minutes of use, when the moisture evaporates, there is contraction of skin dryness.

When using more expensive facilities such shower skin reactions, generally not occur because it is composed of moisturizers and vitamins.

dry body skin treatment

Measures to restore the water-lipid balance of the skin may be local:

Dry body skin
  1. Cream for dry skin body - body cream can be anything, but it is better to dwell either on the fact that part of the same series with the used shower gel, or based on natural ingredients; the latter includes the cream of the company Natura Siberika.
  2. Baths for dry skin body - bath on the basis of glycerol are able to restore dry skin; to make glycerin bath, just use half cup of liquid medical glycerin.

What if the local media did not help the dry skin of the body?

If no bath, no skin cream does not improve the situation, so should drink a course of vitamins E and A.

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