Sun Tablets

Sun Tablets

Aristocratic pallor long been out of fashion, so modern women aspire to get a bronze or chocolate skin tone like a natural way, as well as visiting a solarium, as well as using a variety of drugs. In addition to external means, tablets were sunbathing, allowing to achieve the desired goal much faster without the risk of scorch in the sun.

Pills to improve and enhance tanning

Many women with a light complexion, hardly tolerate a summer holiday, because even half an hour under the scorching rays of ultraviolet radiation cause burns to the epidermis. To cope with such problems to help special dietary supplements and vitamins intensify the production of the body's melanin (natural pigment). In addition, the composition of such preparations high concentration of antioxidants that prevent skin aging and cancer.

It should be noted that the first tanning facilitate tablet made on the basis ksantaksantina - synthetic dye acting on the internal organs and the epidermis. Although the actual effectiveness of such capsules, their side effects are dangerous to health because it increases the risk of liver toxicity, the retina, the development of cancer.

Below we consider the latest and most secure means without ksantaksantina.

Tablets for better and quick tanning

The following items recommended for use among the diversity of products offered:

  1. Pro Soleil. BAA produced a French cosmetic company Guinot, it contains beta-carotene, vitamins and antioxidants, lutein. Tablets contribute to accelerated browning of the epidermis, protects the skin from aging and the scorching sun.
  2. Nature Tan. Also French capsule (Visione), based on the action of beta-carotene. In addition to the active substance in the composition of many natural additives, selenium, zinc, turmeric extracts, grape and soy, vitamins A, E
  3. Bevital San. Croatian drug maker Belupo is designed with powerful antioxidant complex (biotin, choline, vitamin C, E), brewer's yeast, beta-carotene, pro-vitamins of group B.
  4. Inneov perfect tan. The tool is positioned as a vitamin supplement that contains an extract of Indian gooseberry and antioxidants that protect the epidermis from photoaging.

It is recommended to use all of the tablet before the tan, you need to start reception for 14-15 days before the expected exposure to the sun. To consolidate the results, it is desirable to drink more drugs for a month after the apparent effect.

A nice addition to the rate of acceptance is becoming a noticeable improvement of the skin. Vitamins as part capsules are helping to make it more moisturized, soft and supple, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Tablets for tanning without the sun

If you aspire to have dark skin, even in the cold season, but did not visit a solarium, cosmetics market offers 2 innovative developments:

  • Scenesse (United Kingdom);
  • Sun Cap Soleil (France).
Sun Tablets

These tablets, in addition to ensuring a smooth, chocolate color of the epidermis, protect the skin from cell mutation, preventing the development of malignant tumors.

The first said preparation for today malodostupen in the CIS, as still subject to numerous studies.

French media have long been available in pharmacies or specialized cosmetic stores. As shown in clinical tests, the capsules do not cause any side effects and promote the development of collagen, elastin, skin cells.

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