Stretch marks on the skin

Stretch marks on the skin

The vast majority of women faced with the problem of stretch marks on the skin. Try to understand what has caused this unpleasant phenomenon that can literally disfigure the skin, is it possible to remove stretch marks on the skin and how to do it.

The causes and mechanism of the appearance of stretch marks on the skin

Basically, stretch marks, or striae, occur in women but can also occur in men. The most vulnerable places - the abdomen, breasts, thighs, buttocks. The reasons for their appearance are:

  • hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, puberty, diseases of the endocrine system or hormonal drugs (the skin loses its elasticity due to a violation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin);
  • swings fat or lean body mass (occurs an excessive increase in mechanical stress on the skin).

The skin, which loses its elasticity and firmness, were sharply stretch begins thinning, there are internal skin tears, resembling scars. Lost integrity begins to rapidly replaced by another kind of tissue - connective, containing a large amount of blood vessels. Therefore, at first, stretch marks are pink or purple color. Then, the number of vessels is gradually reduced, and stretch marks become white. Connective tissue is devoid of melanin pigment, so these scars can not be tan.

Most often, stretch marks appear on the abdomen, breasts, thighs, buttocks.

Stretch marks on the skin - Treatment

Cabin methods

A professional approach to the treatment of stretch marks is based on several modern methods, which are selected individually in each case, depending on the severity of the problem and its "age".

The most popular methods are:

  • Mesotherapy - subcutaneous injection of a special solution with biologically active substances that contribute to the resorption of stretch marks and the development of elastin;
  • chemical peeling - exfoliation of skin cells, mainly by means of fruit acids that promotes epidermal renewal and collagen synthesis activation;
  • laser resurfacing - "burning" stretch marks with a laser beam;
  • Microdermabrasion - hardware resurfacing stream of fine sand;
  • wraps - applying to the skin of special products based on sea algae, mud, essential oils (only effective when "fresh" striae);
  • microcurrent therapy - a procedure associated with exposure to low-frequency electric current of small force that helps to activate tissue regeneration;
  • Plazmolifting - injection bioprotsedura using the patient's own plasma to restart the update mechanism of skin cells;
  • plastic surgery - is used in cases where the above methods are ineffective.

Home methods

At home, it is also possible to obtain a reduction of stretch marks on the skin, which regularly need to carry out such procedures:

  • mechanical peeling;
  • healing rubbing;
  • massage.
Stretch marks on the skin

Mechanical exfoliation involves daily exfoliation of the upper layer of the skin using a scrub for skin renewal. Rubbing - the use of special means of industrial production, or home-made, which can be applied twice a day after a scrub or a massage. Active massage problem areas (except for the chest) helps to normalize blood circulation and restore the metabolism.

Prevention of stretch marks on the skin

To avoid the appearance of stretch marks on the skin is recommended to eat right, keep an eye on the stability of their body weight, while you exercise gradually increase the load. In pregnancy, stretch marks on the skin of the abdomen and chest wearing a brace will protect and support bra, as well as the daily rubbing of special funds.

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