solid shampoo

solid shampoo

After seeing on the shelves brusochek soap, most people are surprised to learn that it is a solid shampoo. Do not hesitate to purchase it, since, in addition to the unusual shape, such a remedy for hair is absolutely harmless thanks to its natural composition.

The composition and the beneficial properties of solid shampoo

Solid shampoo composition may vary, depending on what you select the brand manufacturer, but in any case it is made of natural components: glycerin , sodium lauryl sulfate, essential oils, extracts of herbs, flavorings and colorings. Natural solid shampoo is very economical. Even using it on a daily basis, you will notice that it is enough for 2 or even 3 months. The characteristics that distinguish it from the conventional shampoo, also include the fact that:

  • was not tested on animals;
  • when it is used it is an active head massage, which accelerates the growth of hair;
  • it is convenient to take a trip to;
  • after washing the hair does not smell.

Do not worry for how you will use solid shampoo. It is very easy. Lather it in your hands, and the resulting foam is applied to the hair. Leave it for a few minutes and then wash off with water.

How to choose a solid shampoo?

Choose this type of hair products as well as any other, based on the type and structure of hair. Well-proven solid shampoo Lush. It effectively cleanse the hair from everyday dirt and dust, but also acts as a tonic for the scalp. Any of several species of this shampoo will ensure your locks in vitamins and give them a shine.

For lovers of solid shampoos cosmetics brand Fresh Line has released several types of such funds. All of them do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, a solid basis for this shampoo acts natural soap mass of the coconut palm. With it, you can improve the appearance of hair, because it regulates sebum. Very popular solid shampoo Design Soap, because it is suitable for both women and men.

solid shampoo
He even recommended as a preventive measure during the seasonal hair loss.

Solid shampoo at home

You can make a solid shampoo with your hands, so you can be sure that using completely natural product. solid shampoo recipe is simple. You need to purchase a glycerol or organic soap base, 5 parts of which add 1 part of burdock , coconut or other oil, 3 parts concoctions of herbs and 5-7 drops of any perfume. Mix everything in a water bath and pour formochkam.

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