Microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent therapy

microcurrent therapy procedure improves muscle tone and trigger the growth of collagen, making the skin podtgivaetsya and elasticity increases. This method is widely used in cosmetics as an anti-aging.

Face Microcurrent therapy

Microcurrents used in cosmetology as a separate procedure or as part of certain medical complexes.

  1. Limfofdrenazh microcurrent. Microcurrent facial skin treatment with the help of a special apparatus to improve lymph circulation, reducing swelling, removing toxins, treatment of rosacea and vascular network.
  2. . Microcurrent facelift procedure is done to stimulate the metabolic processes and the facial muscles, and - increasing the amount of collagen fibers. As a result, the skin becomes more elastic, there is its lifting, anti-aging effect is achieved. Suitable for face and neck skin.
  3. Reprogramming of mimic muscles. The procedure, which can be partially replaced by the injection of Botox. Under the influence of a specific frequency microcurrent relax the muscles in a state of hyper, and as a consequence - reduces the visibility of wrinkles and prevents new ones.
  4. Desincrustation - the process of galvanic facial cleansing, which takes place in several stages. Primarily produced electric effect, which causes the expansion of pores, and the destruction of saponification of sebum excretion comedones. The skin was then purified using lotions and cotton discs.
  5. Ionic mesotherapy or mikroionoforez. The method in which the nutrients are introduced into the skin, not injections, and under the influence of a direct current.

body Microcurrent therapy

In general, most of the procedures applicable for the face, body and used. Microcurrent therapy can be applied to all areas of lymphatic drainage, lifting and lipolysis individual sections, anti-puffiness, rehabilitation after plastic surgery and trauma, restore muscle tone.

Apparatus for microcurrent therapy

At the moment, there are many different devices for microcurrent therapy, from the simplest to the minimum set of functions to complex systems with several dozen special programs ( "Lifting", "antiacne," etc.). Together with a professional, there are instruments for use in the home, as well as devices that combine the functions of microcurrent and ultrasonic therapy.

The main requirements for appliances for microcurrent therapy,

Microcurrent therapy
is the range of frequencies that can generate device - from 0.1 to 300 Hz, - the frequency and the possibility of interference of multiple frequencies, that improves its effectiveness.

The cost of equipment also varies - from 250-300 to several thousand dollars.


Microcurrent impact is fairly gentle, but it is contraindicated in heart disease, epilepsy, pregnancy, presence of a pacemaker or implanted metal structures and bone pins.

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