Subcutaneous pimples

Subcutaneous pimples

Acne on the body is a serious cosmetic defects, but beyond that they can bear witness to the presence of disease or to prevent violations in the work of bodies. Therefore, it is always important to establish the cause of acne.

Subcutaneous pimples on the body are often a warning on violations of the endocrine system. In no event it is impossible to squeeze them - you can bring an infection in the blood. Refer to endocrinologist, a good specialist can diagnose and cure your acne. In this article we look at the most frequent occurrence of subcutaneous acne and causes with which they may be associated.

  1. Acne on the face, and particularly on the forehead, chin or nose can occur for various reasons. There are even special diagnostic methods, according to which the different areas of the face correspond to specific organs. Pimples on the forehead indicate bowel problems, the chin is responsible for the sexual organs and the endocrine system. Colds affect the area around the nose. Rashes on the cheeks may be a manifestation of allergic reactions, and on the cheeks and temples testify to the problems with the gall bladder. Treatment of subcutaneous acne on the face should be comprehensive, and then you get a positive result. But sometimes, during treatment, the problem may be exacerbated. For example, when the bowel cleansing temporarily increases the amount of acne on his forehead - do not be afraid, it's a natural reaction, which indicates positive changes.
  2. Subcutaneous pimple on the lip may occur during acute herpes. These pimples are different from ordinary acne - just before the rash appears soreness and inflammation. In this case, before the appearance of acne, you need to treat a sore place a special ointment. Sometimes a pimple on the lip may occur due to improper use of cosmetics or because of damage to the skin. Then you need to use a special lip balm. If pimples are located in the area of the lips - pay attention to the condition of the stomach.
  3. Subcutaneous pimples on the penis, on the head of the penis, on the labia can be the result of improper hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases or manifestation of herpes. Address to the doctor in such cases should be urgent.
  4. Spots on the head and neck may be due to fungal infection, it is necessary to consult a good dermatologist.
  5. Subcutaneous acne by the pope often cause more discomfort than pimples on the face. Firstly, many hesitate to seek professional help, and secondly, the pope acne can be very painful. The reason most often become wearing synthetic underwear. It can also be the cause of acne on the shoulders and arms (in bra wearing zone). In winter, the pimples on the ass and feet appear due to irritation, because the skin is poorly ventilated, and practically the whole day is a warm tight clothes. How to get rid of acne by the pope? Try to wear clothes made of natural fabrics, and, taking a shower, use scrubs and additional care products, it is good to clean the pores. Of course, if the cause is an internal problem, do not hesitate to see a specialist.
  6. Acne on the back is a problem many men and women. People who suffer from acne on your back feel discomfort in the warm season, because forced to wear closed clothes, can not safely visit the public beaches, and even communicating with loved ones often have difficulty. Sometimes, in the summer, acne on the back pass
    Subcutaneous pimples
    and the winter reappear. These rashes can be caused by exposure to cold, blood contamination, lack of vitamins. This may help to seawater, which is close to the composition of human blood. In winter, the sea water can replace sea salt, which can be added to the bath, compresses or simply lubricate the problem areas of salt water. Subcutaneous pimples on your back and chest can be due to hormonal disturbances. In this case, it is useful to be tested for hormone levels. The cells of the sebaceous glands may be sensitive to the influence of male hormones, thereby changing the composition of sebum and bacteria into the skin in the sebaceous glands. For the treatment of acne on your back you need assistance, as a means to put yourself on the problem areas can be difficult.

Curing acne is possible only in the event that eliminate the cause of their appearance. It is not necessary to abandon the help of experts, it will save you time and avoid many serious consequences.

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