instant tan

instant tan

It is known that ultraviolet light is harmful to the skin and brings the appearance of wrinkles, but on the other hand, gives it a beautiful bronze color.

Instant tan - the right solution to the dilemma. This procedure has a number of advantages:

  1. Resistance. Of course, everyone is interested in, how many instant tan lasts. As practice shows, the effect of the procedure is quite long. In some cases up to three weeks, but usually lasts for at least 10 days.
  2. Natural and use for instant tanning lotion by almost 99% -. Natural. A colorant is an extract from sugar cane, so the procedure is still under consideration called cane instant tan. Acting on the surface of the skin, it does not enter the blood stream and deeper tissues. In addition, the lotion composition contains a complex vitamins, hyaluronic acid and caffeine. These components are not only intensely moisturize the skin and saturate it with useful trace elements, but also slow down the aging process. Therefore, any doubts about whether instant tanning is harmful or not, are not relevant - it is definitely useful.
  3. . Fast instant tanning procedure takes no more than half an hour: 10 minutes of applying the lotion and 20 minutes (maximum) for its absorption. After that you can safely return to the normal rhythm of life.

Instant tan at home

The simplicity of implementation allows rapid tanning lotion and applied in a comfortable atmosphere for you. The easiest and most reliable way is to call the master instant tan at home. The specialist will bring with them the necessary equipment and will help you choose the right shade.

A dedicated fan of instant tan use it almost constantly. In this case, it is advisable to buy a booth, spray bottle and lotion for rapid tanning for personal use. Call of the master will be much cheaper, and in the future can be taught this simple procedure, someone from the family.

Instant tan salon

Instant tan interior is preferred for several reasons.

  • lotion is sprayed in the form of very fine drops. In the salons established a special air purification system, and at home the excess funds will be deposited on the floor, carpeting and furniture;
  • Stationary equipment is different from the mobile, it affects the quality of the application of instant tanning;
  • lotion often has a specific smell, which can be unpleasant to people who live with you;
  • instant tan
  • the salon to buy only high-quality and professional products for instant tan premium is often not available in free sale.

How to make an instant tan?

Preparation involves the removal of unwanted hair, peeling (the day before the procedure), the exclusion of the use of any funds for the skin and perfume (immediately before the procedure). Next, the wizard selects golivudsky tan shades and suitable for the individual customer. After agreeing on the desired concentration range of the coloring material, the rapid tanning expert does it uniformly to the body via a spray apparatus for 10 minutes. In this case the client is in a special tent (booth), which limits the spray angle. Now you need to give the lotion to absorb into the skin and dry, it takes 15-20 minutes. After the required time, you can dress up (preferably loose clothing), get directions to increase the duration of the effect in the wizard and return safely to their business.

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