Why scratched his head?

Why scratched his head?

Of course, when constantly itchy scalp, it is unpleasant, and uncomfortable, not only physical but also moral - who wants to catch yourself fastidious views? So why is it that scratched his head, and can be a symptom of a disease?

From then scratched his head?

When there is a problem, most often we start to panic and look for an answer to the question why much itchy scalp (especially when it comes to the child). Nevertheless, the reasons for which an itching is not always associated with serious health problems. To protect yourself from unnecessary fears, understand, because of what is scratched his head more often.

  1. If you ask people on the street, why itchy scalp, most will tell you that, most likely, lice or mites. But to confirm or deny such a diagnosis can only dermatologist. You can ask to review and close the scalp with a magnifying glass, but expert advice is still preferable.
  2. Seborrhea - a familiar word to many, though not all know what it means. This term hides the excess sebum. Depending on the specifics of the skin and sebaceous glands, seborrhea can be dry, oily and combination. Often the cause of dandruff - strong flaking of the scalp, and is seborrhea. Since seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic disease, and serious, it needs appropriate treatment. It is not only shampoos from the pharmacy, but also drugs, immunomodulators, and special diets. Also, to remove the effects of the disease, patients are advised to avoid abrupt hormonal fluctuations, nervous stress and anything that may disrupt the body's immunity, ie, chronic infection, malnutrition, disorders (and even more so of the disease) in the gastro-intestinal tract, too outlaw.
  3. From what has scratched his head? Progress, and in particular the chemical industry is walking by leaps and bounds. And if our grandmothers knew that you can wash your hair soap and rinse decoction of herbs, but now we offer a range of hair care products, that's amazing. But the body hair and scalp, including very wary of these chemical agents. And if someone's hair simply cease to shine by means of properly chosen, then somebody scalp after using another novelty begins to itch unbearably. If an allergic reaction occurs after a change of shampoo or hair mask, you need to go back to the old facility (in which the skin does not react in this way), or purchase a neutral shampoo, such as children. The main thing that was not a part of lauryl or laureth sulfate sodium, it is often the cause of irritation. If this does not work, then without a visit to the doctor-trichologist can not do.
  4. Also, the head can be very itchy, if its skin is very dry. Sometimes the body when there is insufficient moisture begins to vigorously produce sebum, we take it for increased oiliness of hair and use shampoos that have stronger dried skin. If detected increased dryness of the scalp, it is necessary to choose a moisturizing shampoo and a good idea to supplement your diet with vitamins and microelements.
  5. Often, dye your hair or have recently dramatically changed hair color? Well, you did not think it could pass without a trace? That's your clever mind and did not like such a mockery, and it is beginning to protest strongly scratched.
    Why scratched his head?
    Maybe you paint provoked excessive dryness of the skin, and perhaps this is an allergic reaction.
  6. Also cause itching of the scalp may be fungal diseases. Diagnose and treat may be a doctor. If it is not possible to visit, there is an option to use special shampoos pharmacies, but there is a risk to run a disease.
  7. Finally, if you are extremely sensitive to chemicals or odors and suffer from allergies, the cause of the itching can become softener dryer or washing powder. Perhaps he did not fully rinse and you are allergic to its smallest particles.

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