Mesotherapy - contraindications

Mesotherapy - contraindications

Mesotherapy - a method of influence on the skin with the use of special drugs administered subcutaneously using a thin hollow needles. The list of indications for these procedures is quite wide - from acne and scars to wrinkles and cellulite. At the same time there is a lot of contraindications for mesotherapy. Therefore specialist before the procedure should be sure to find out if you can spend mesotherapy.

This is counter-mesotherapy?

The procedure is prohibited in the following cases:

  • pregnancy (especially third trimester);
  • breastfeeding;
  • cancers;
  • chronic renal failure;
  • cholelithiasis ;
  • infectious diseases in the acute stage;
  • exacerbation of chronic pathologies;
  • serious skin diseases, especially in the acute phase;
  • chronic cardiovascular pathology;
  • hypertension III degree;
  • coagulation disorders;
  • receiving blood thinners;
  • skin lesions (wounds, burns, etc.);
  • Hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the injectable preparation.

These factors are contraindications as mesotherapy body (abdomen, hips, etc.), as well as contraindications for mesotherapy hair (head). Even if you think that none of the factors does not concern you, before performing mesotherapy is a thorough medical examination to rule out diseases, of which you may not know.

Contraindications after mesotherapy

In addition, there are a number of limitations that must be observed after mesotherapy treatments. These include:

  1. Exclusion of any other cosmetic procedures on the day of the session of mesotherapy.
  2. Excluding any hardware cosmetic treatments and massages for 3 days after the procedure.
    Mesotherapy - contraindications
  3. Exception shampooing and bathing in the next two days after the hair mesotherapy.
  4. The ban on visits bath, sauna, solarium and beach.
  5. Limit physical activity.
  6. The ban on applying makeup for 6 hours after the procedure face mesotherapy.

If all these rules risk of adverse effects and complications is reduced to a minimum and a maximum efficiency of the procedure. Also it is necessary to consider that trust mesotherapy can only be a qualified technician with experience, and the need to carefully comply with all health standards.

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