Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage

The healing properties of massage happened at least once to experience the every man. Unusual shiatsu massage is based on ancient Chinese technique of clicking on certain energy points, it combines the efficiency of a conventional massage with a unique relaxing acupressure.

The emergence of massage

Initially, this type of massage originated in China, but then his technique quickly intercepted the Japanese have perfected it and turned into a unique recreational equipment. Shiatsu literally means "finger pressure", due to which it is often confused with the usual point massage. In fact, Japanese shiatsu massage, in addition to various methods of pressure to specific points, and involves the use of other methods of relaxation in the form of strokes, stretching and light massage movements in tandem with the correct breathing.

The basic principles of the massage Shiatsu

The main objective of classic massage Shiatsu - is to achieve the full energy balance in the body. It uses the technique to the point of impact, along the so-called energy meridians, or channels. Pressure, friction, gentle heating and various other ways of influencing energy points allow you to control the movement of energy and direct it in the right direction.

For the massage shiatsu points on the body do not require application of any oil or cream. You can not remove clothing if it is loose enough and does not hinder movement. As a rule, do shiatsu massage while lying on a low couch or on the floor, but permitted and performing a massage sitting or standing in some cases.

Types of shiatsu massages

There are many different variations so unique ancient massage, but most often are the following:

  1. Foot massage Shiatsu, which is one of the most effective, because at the feet of the man has the largest number of energy points, responsible for all the internal organs.
  2. A full body massage based on shiatsu technique that allows to cope with the various problems in the body, to eliminate the effects of trauma, fractures and sprains, get rid of chronic stress, as well as to harmonize the work of all internal organs.
  3. Back massage shiatsu. This type of massage is most commonly used to get rid of the problems with the spine, back rehabilitation after injuries, as well as the removal of stable muscle clips.
  4. Shiatsu massage to the chest. It is relevant only for men because women have a contraindication to this kind of massage due to the physiological characteristics of the structure.
  5. Shiatsu massage of the head, indispensable for violations of cerebral circulation, as well as for the treatment of various psychological problems, getting rid of stress and fatigue.

Japanese Shiatsu massage facial

We should also talk about the use of the Shiatsu massage technique in the care of a person who provides a stable relaxation not only mimic, but also the deeper muscles. This makes it possible to achieve:

  • expressed rejuvenation effect;
  • the disappearance of the headaches caused by nervous stress;
  • harmonization of the emotional background;
  • eliminate stagnation in the area of the face (sinusitis, inflammation of the nasal sinuses, otitis mild, etc.).

To perform this massage is very important to know the correct location of all active points, as well as to take into account the individual characteristics of the face of the structure. To cope with such a challenge can only be an experienced practitioner of shiatsu acupressure more than one year.

Contraindications to massage shiatsu

Shiatsu Massage

Despite the benefit of Japanese acupressure on shiatsu technique, to implement it have the following contraindications:

  • whether there is any inflammatory skin diseases, as well as too vulnerable and sensitive skin;
  • tendency to bruising and bruising;
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • presence of benign and malignant tumors.

In any case, before you sign up for a shiatsu massage, it is best to consult with your physician and other healthcare providers.

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