Chemical facial peels

Chemical facial peels

Purification and rejuvenation in a short time with little effort - it's all possible. We'll tell you how in a few minutes to change the appearance of the skin and make it shine. Properly conducted by peeling calcium chloride - a great alternative to an expensive salon treatment facial treatment.

Hollywood Facial Cleansing

The name of Hollywood received after cleaning popularization shallow chemical peels among the actors of global significance. Conduct such procedures beauty parlor, using phytic acid as the maximum optimum concentrations. Self cleaning process takes about 2 hours, including time for extra whitening and softening mask. Hollywood shoe gives great results. After it:

  • facial skin becomes velvety and smooth;
  • narrowing the pores;
  • fade fine lines;
  • removes dark spots and small pimples;
  • decreases sebum.

Among the disadvantages of such peels:

  • redness and irritation of the normal and dry skin;
  • feeling of tightness of the skin;
  • slight pigmentation.

Hollywood peeling is good because it can be carried out at any time of the year is often on the skin of any type. Phytic acid does not penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, it only helps to remove dead skin cells.

The only contraindication to this kind of peeling is an idiosyncrasy of the active substance. The caution chemical method should be applied to owners of sensitive and very dry skin. For skin peeling mixed type active chemical is usually applied only to the T-zone.

Facial cleansing with calcium chloride

For those who do not have enough time and money on expensive cosmetic skin treatment procedures, there is a wonderful way to achieve the same amazing results without the help of professionals.

Hollywood peeling at home - it is cleaning the face using a standard calcium chloride. By way of this treatment, this method is also called peeling roll from overcoat is calcium chloride. need for peeling:

  • One ampoule (10 ml), a 5% solution of calcium chloride to dry, normal and sensitive skin or 10% solution for oily skin;
  • cotton balls or discs;
  • a piece of children's soap;
  • fat cream or vegetable oil.

How to conduct facial peels with calcium chloride?

  1. Cotton pads to put calcium chloride on a dry face, avoiding the areas around the eyes and on the upper lip.
  2. When the first coat has dried solution, the following apply.
  3. Perform 4-5 applications of calcium chloride.
  4. Coat your fingers baby soap and massage rubbing movement start peeling. Dead skin cells will roll down and be showered with the remains of the solution and soap.
  5. After peeling the face should be rinsed with warm water.
  6. Apply the cream on clean zone or any vegetable oil.

Chemical peeling calcium chloride is preferably carried out at night to the morning disappeared visible redness and irritation. Use this method can

Chemical facial peels
once a week for one and a half months. Then, a few weeks to take a break.

After cleaning, calcium chloride will not be more than the application of whitening and nourishing mask. It will help relieve irritation and even out skin tone, and moisturize and nourish your face after cleaning. This means you can buy off the shelf, but is not difficult to make at home. For clarifying mask will need:

  • powdered infant formula based on soybean;
  • warm boiled water.

To make a mask, bleach, simply dissolve 2 spoons of infant formula one teaspoon of boiled water.

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