neck Massage

neck Massage

Massage the neck is a must for those who have a sedentary job. And with age, in any way of life, to be in shape and avoid a headache from time to time you need to do preventive holistic massage the neck, shoulders and head. To pamper yourself with a massage does not necessarily refer to the professionals, you can do it at home by yourself or a loved one to teach simple and effective way. If, starting from about 26 years, regularly massaging the neck and shoulders, then your skin will be more elastic and pleasant to the touch and will not long resist aging. But when the constant feeling of neck pain or a dull headache, then there is not do without medical massage

How do therapeutic massage neck and shoulders with osteochondrosis?

If you have symptoms of degenerative disc disease, be sure to save your spine. You can regularly massage your neck yourself, but will be more effective if you help someone and make a complex neck and shoulder massage. If you apply the right approach, you feel better, and you will always be on our toes. Therapeutic massage is desirable to do before going to sleep, because after the relaxation, the body will be able to completely relax. And how to do therapeutic massage of the neck, we will tell you now.

Massage technique neck with osteochondrosis:

  1. Massage can be done sitting or standing position. The main thing to straighten the body, if you are seated, the legs should be bent at a right angle, as if standing, then shoulder width apart and body weight should be evenly distributed on both feet. First, massage should last about 15 minutes, but gradually it is necessary to do more. In one exercise allot about 2-5 minutes. Before massaging lubricates the skin with olive oil or cream.
  2. First, massaging the back of the neck. Put the fingers of both hands on the line where the hair ends at the level of the spine and strokes smooth movements up and down. We begin stroking, barely touching the skin, and gradually increasing the pressure.
  3. Now straighten his hand and stroked the side of her part of the neck in the same way as before, but the turning arm (first touch on the little finger and then the thumb).
  4. Next, put your fingers on the line neck and neck, massaging in a circular motion, first from ear to ear, and then back up to the top (in any case, not three skin, and gently massaging).After, hold the skin on either side of the spine and its poschupyvaem.Finally, these same places stroking fingers.Now proceed to massage the front of the neck. We start again from the same easy strokes. With one hand we take himself by the neck and drive it up and down.
  5. Next, make a circular motion with your fingers across the front of the neck, without affecting the veins and carotid arteries.
  6. Again poschupyvaem skin, thus averting the head away from the seat massaging.
  7. Finish with a light stroking, as well as the beginning.

After the massage of the neck, it is desirable to fix the procedure proceeds to massaging the shoulders, but it can be done only with someone's help. Massage in osteochondrosis of the shoulder at home doing the same methods, as well as a neck massage: stroking, rubbing in a circular motion, probing, kneading. You can also use elements of acupressure. We find weak points and to rub them, adding strength.

Relaxing massage neck and head

Long pastime in the same position leads to headaches and discomfort in the neck and shoulders. Sometimes it is simply impossible to wait until the end of the working day. In this case, a relaxing massage will help. It can be easily done and the fresh air at lunchtime and in the workplace. Of course, you can treat yourself to a massage in such a home. After a relaxing massage will increase blood flow, delicate skin of the neck and head will melt more elastic and it is an effective way to relieve stress or depression.

Technique relaxing massage of the head and neck:

  1. We cover the neck with both hands and put his fingertips on the level of the spine just below the occiput. Gently press on the neck muscles fingertips.
  2. Then slide your fingers up and down from the back to the neck. Then he easily throws her head back, still do hand movements.
  3. We stop at the beginning of the neck at the back and making a circular motion with his elbows.
  4. Now go to the massage head. Begin massaging the temples in a circular motion with fingertips,
    neck Massage
    passing to the hair area (imagine that my hair with shampoo), with easy sipping his hair.
  5. When it comes to the forehead, starting with both hands to stretch the skin slightly.
  6. Then we find the hollow behind the ear, click on them and release (several times).
  7. Gently tilt your head to one shoulder, then the other.
  8. Clasps his hands the neck, just below the head, and gently stretch the it.
  9. Hugs head in his hands, gently squeeze it and let go. Thus, ending the massage.

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