Turkish hammam

Turkish hammam

Not just a room, and a ritual space - that's what a Turkish sauna. One of the symbols of the East - hamam.

Turkish hammam has a distinct curative effect not only on the body but also on the human soul, to visit her. The beauty of the structure has long been impressed by its elegant architectural style. Inside the room styled temple. Until now, few tourists visiting the Turkish bath, not admired tradition of bathing and healing this hot country. But pleasure does not necessarily go to the East. Turkish baths hamam so popular that nowadays they can visit almost any city CIS.

How to harness the power of the hammam?

Here are some guidelines on how to visit the hammam in order to achieve the full effect of the visit to the Turkish bath.

Turkish sauna, hammam, as well as the more familiar guy for us, consists of three rooms: a dressing room, a room for washing and fresh room.

But traditional hammam is unthinkable without the Eastern traditions. Therefore, every step of visiting the baths should take place with the knowledge, which meant an action in the sauna, hammam.

  1. The first stage - the dressing room. Here it is necessary not only to take off all my clothes, and leave all the old worries and heavy thoughts. Loincloth - that is all that a person enters into a second bath room.
  2. Here there is a cleansing of the body. The authentic Turkish bath no shower. Water is supplied from the copper utensils, and the only means for washing - olive oil soap. After this training with a clean body and thoughts can cross the threshold of the most steam.
  3. The room in the hammam steam room is a room completely marble. Marble walls and shelves, beds create a unique image of naturalness and harmony with the world. Through the small holes at the bottom of the steam is supplied. Room temperature usually does not exceed 60 degrees. This mode is quite loyal, even for a weakened organism. That is why the oriental hammam can visit people who have contraindications to other pairs.

It is worth noting that according to the rules of the Turkish bath cooling steamed body should take place as gently as the effects of steam. Therefore, it is conducted in three stages, with a gradual decrease in temperature of cold water.

The hammam is useful?

The benefits of visiting any bath - calming and cleansing. For good reason to go to the sauna is not just a wash, but also to relax with friends, talk about pleasant things, enjoy herbal teas. In the case of the hammam emphasis on the psychological relief is so great that it is recommended to visit:

  • as a treatment for nervousness and insomnia;
  • to relieve pain and muscle tension with excessive physical exertion;
  • for cleansing the skin;
  • for relief from osteoporosis and arthritis, headaches;
  • when recovery from colds, followed by hardening of the body.

In the Turkish sauna, hammam, besides the main process can offer massage services. This is the use of massage is even greater, because the body is better steamed subjected to correction. As a result, a very real concern to forget for a long time pain in the spine, as well as discomfort in the joints.

Contraindications to visit the hammam

Although the advantages and benefits of the Turkish bath is very large, do not forget that if the body is not all right, be sure to consult with your doctor before attending this kind of establishments. Quiet and efficient recreation, as well as a full-fledged recovery is only possible if the desire to visit the hammam, and opportunity

Turkish hammam
health permit.


  • hammam is contraindicated for people with vascular heart disease;
  • with inflammatory processes in the active stage;
  • as well as people with oncological diseases.

When barriers to visiting a hammam bath there, feel free to go for healing of body and soul.

On the eve of the Turkish bath, leave all the trouble, and they dissolve like a puff of vapor in the beautiful hammam!

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